There are many kind of clinical terms that finish in -algia. Can you name the correct clinical term in this scenario?


Which of these medical terms describes muscle pain consisting of a dull aching sensation in the muscle?



B. Myalgia

Myalgia is tenderness or pain in the muscles; my/o suggests muscle; -algia method pain and also enduring. 

Pain is the body’s normal reactivity as soon as something goes wrong. Most muscle pains are brought about by stress and anxiety, anxiety, overusage and minor injuries. This kind of pain typically only affects a couple of muscles and is considered localized, according to Mayo Clinic. If pain occurs throughout the whole body, which is referred to as systemic, it is often led to by an infection, disease, or a side-impact of medication.

Usual causes of muscle pain include:

Chronic exertional compartment syndromeChronic tiredness syndromeClaudicationDermatomyositisDystoniaFibromyalgiaHypothyroidism (underenergetic thyroid)Influenza (flu) and also various other viral condition (influenza-like illness)LupusLyme diseaseMedications, specifically the cholesterol medications known as statinsMuscle crampMyofascial pain syndromePolymyalgia rheumaticaPolymyositis (inflammatory illness that reasons muscle weakness)Rocky Mountain spotted feverSprains

According to Medical Terminology for Health Professions, 8th Edition, another sufresolve provided to mean pain is -dynia (as in gastrodynia for pain in the stomach; gastr/o means stomach). The sufdeal with -dynia is not supplied as regularly as -algia. Thus, you will normally check out gastralgia quite than gastrodynia to intend pain in the stomach.

A, C, and also D are incorrect.

Cephalgia is pain in the head or headache; cephal/o means head. (A)

Neuralgia is pain in a nerve; neur/o implies nerve. (C)

Arthralgia is pain in a joint or joints; arthr/o implies joint. (D)



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