At first I assumed that the sentence "What perform you make of the debate that..." is just to ask someone for his opinion on somepoint. However before, I have actually also checked out some translation define that such sentence is asking someone to provide arguments to support something.

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e.g. "What carry out you make of the discussion that enabling even more immigrants right into our nation is unavoidable?"Does that mean: (A)What are your thoughts around "allowing even more immigrants into our nation is unavoidable"? (for instance, carry out you assistance this opinion or not?); or (B)How execute you make the debate to support the opinion that "permitting more immigrants right into our nation is unavoidable"?


It’s an idiomatic expression mostly used to ask around what someone thinks about something:

what carry out you make of (something):

What is your analysis or opinion of (something)?

A: "What perform you make of the brand-new guy?" B: "He"s a little quirky, but I think he"s genuinely nice.

A: "What perform you make of this hole here?" B: "Could be termite damages."

(The Free Thesaurus )



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But avoid

Asking for assist, clarification, or responding to other answers.Making statements based upon opinion; back them up through recommendations or individual suffer.

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