Which of below is Amerihave the right to and which is British English when you desire someone to explain themselves?

What execute you have to say for yourself?

What have you gained to say for yourself?


Both are recognizable as AE, although if my parental fees, say, asked me as a boy the second one, it would certainly be difficult not to laugh. Since the use of gained in such a context appears jarringly out of place (i.e., acquired is colloquial, whereas a demand also for an explacountry from a exceptional calls for even more formal language).
Actually the first one might be considered old fashioned by some but it is the correct variation.

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In the second variation the word "got" is not necessary. It is superfluous.

I was carried up to never before say "I"ve got" (I have actually got). If you HAVE it, then you GOT it. It is extremely bad grammar.

Unfortunately, it is currently being offered on the BBC. For instance, "we"ve got our correspondent (............) on the line now". No! It have to be "we have (or now have) our correspondent.....

"What have we gained later on this evening?" No! It should be "What carry out we have later this evening?"

One of the worst for me is the title of a programme dubbed "Have we gained news for you." No! It need to be "Have we news for you" or "Do we have actually news for you".

My suggest is that the use of the word "got" through "have" is poor English.

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answered Jan 12 "15 at 6:46

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