Symbols are objects, characters, figures, or colorsused to represent abstract ideas or principles.

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Seeds reexisting for Willy the possibility to prove theworth of his labor, both as a salesmale and also a father. His despeprice,nocturnal attempt to grow vegetables signifies his shame around barelybeing able to put food on the table and also having actually nopoint to leavehis kids when he passes. Willy feels that he has worked hardyet fears that he will not have the ability to aid his offspring any morethan his very own abandoning father helped him. The seeds additionally symbolizeWilly’s feeling of faiattract through Biff. In spite of the American Dream’sformula for success, which Willy considers infallible, Willy’s effortsto cultivate and also nurture Biff went awry. Realizing that his all-Americanfootball star has actually turned into a lazy bum, Willy takes Biff’s failureand absence of ambition as a reflection of his abilities as a father.


To Willy, diamonds recurrent tangible wide range and, thus,both validation of one’s labor (and also life) and also the capability to passproduct items on to one’s offspring, 2 things that Willy desperately craves.Correlatively, diamonds, the exploration of which made Ben a fortune,symbolize Willy’s faientice as a salesmale. Despite Willy’s beliefin the Amerideserve to Dream, a idea unwavering to the extent that hepassed up the chance to go with Ben to Alaska, the Dream’s promiseof financial security has actually eluded Willy. At the end of the play, Benurges Willy to enter the “jungle” finally and also retrieve this elusivediamond—that is, to kill himself for insurance money in order tomake his life systematic.

Linda’s and also The Woman’s Stockings

Willy’s starray obsession through the problem of Linda’sstockings foreshadows his later on flashback to Biff’s discovery ofhim and The Woman in their Boston hotel room. The teenage Biff accusesWilly of giving away Linda’s stocmonarchs to The Woguy. Stockings assume ametaphorical weight as the symbol of betrayal and also sex-related infidelity.New stocmajesties are necessary for both Willy’s pride in being financiallysuccessful and for this reason able to carry out for his household and also for Willy’scapability to ease his guilt about, and also suppush the memory of, hisbetrayal of Linda and Biff.

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The Rubber Hose

The rubber hose is a stage prop that reminds the audienceof Willy’s desperate attempts at suicide. He has apparently attemptedto kill himself by inhaling gas, which is, ironically, the verysubstance essential to among the a lot of fundamental aspects with whichhe must equip his residence for his family’s wellness and also comfort—heat.Literal death by inhaling gas parallels the metaphorical death thatWilly feels in his battle to afford such a basic necessity.

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