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Thstormy the initially seakid of 13 Reasons Why, Tony Padilla was a secret wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a perfect leather jacket, calmly guiding Clay via the objectively insane psychological endure that Hannah Baker left for him in her self-destruction tapes. Some fans theorized that Tony is a gorganize, bereason he dresses choose he’s from the 1950s, never before seems to attend high institution and also says shit like, “The answers you seek are waiting at the height of the cliff.” He additionally simply appears a tiny too good to be true: dogged in his search to satisfy Hannah’s wishes, endlessly patient and compassionate with Clay, dispensing whatever from cassette players to free rides to sage wisdom. He’s unflappable.

But in season two, Tony is well and truly flapped! He’s on edge, being evasive via Clay, and also on probation for semi-mysterious factors. I uncovered it difficult to emphasis on most the various other threads bereason I was so distracted by trying to number out what was going on with him. If points aren’t best with Tony, points aren’t right with the world, is what I’m saying.


Wright here we left off

The cracks in Tony’s calm were beginning to display at the end of seachild one. In his conversations with Clay about the tapes, he constantly seemed all-learning (so much so that Clay at one allude called him “unvaluable Yoda”, which, rude). But Tony lastly admitted to his boyfrifinish Brad that he was having genuine doubts about whether he’d done the appropriate point by transporting out Hannah’s arrangement. In the finale, Tony offered a copy of the tapes to the Bakers, and drove out of tvery own via Clay, Brad, and also Skye for what looked like an extremely well-earned road pilgrimage.


Where season 2 picks upWhat happened on that road trip? We might never know, but at the start of seaboy two – about five months on – Tony and Brad have actually broken up. Tony’s also working on some serious anger administration concerns and he’s on probation. Whuh?

The initially hint that something’s amiss out on is in episode one: Tony’s none also happy that he’s been called to testify in the civil trial in between the Bakers and Liberty High, and as soon as Clay tries to reassure him, he breaks. “You don’t know everything I did, Clay.” In episode 3, he admits to Clay that he hasn’t slept for the previous 2 nights bereason he’s so anxious around testifying. And once Ryan gets dubbed to testify, he guarantees Tony that he won’t say anypoint that will certainly make him look negative, for which Tony many thanks him.


We truly understand nothing at this phase, but what we do recognize is that Tony’s enrolled in a court-mandated anger monitoring course and also that his boxing instructor Caleb is very warm. Throughout one of their many conversations, Tony is able to acquire his mind off the sexual stress and anxiety for simply lengthy enough to expose to Caleb that Brad damaged up through him. But they appeared so happy! What did we miss?!?! And considering that when does Tony have anger issues?!?!

A few episodes later on, Tony reluctantly helps Clay find Justin, who’s currently homemuch less and also addicted to heroin, yet balks at getting as well involved bereason of his probation. Given Tony’s history of unlimited helpfulness, Clay’s bewildered by this, however Justin is perhaps 30 percent much less cluemuch less than Clay and figures out that Tony is genuinely scared. “My brothers and also I, we beat up this man,” Tony tells him, reminding us every one of that scene from at an early stage last seachild that type of gained foracquired bereason tbelow was no follow-up. Turns out, the guy pressed charges, and it was Tony’s second strike, so if he gets another he does jail time. But that’s not the whole story either.


What we didn’t watch last seasonOne of the first manufacturing stills released earlier this month confirmed Tony crying in Caleb’s arms alongside his wrecked auto – and as the majority of fans determined, he’s not really upset about the auto. “What are you scared of?” Caleb asks throughout that scene in episode nine, and Tony states he can’t tell him. “Tbelow are some things that I’ve done that if I tell you…” He doesn’t finish the assumed, but thankcompletely at this point it’s not much longer until we uncover out WTF is going on. Episode ten focuses on Tony – because he wasn’t on the tapes it’s the first genuine spotlight episode he’s had – and increases on his friendship through Hannah as well as his history on the wrong side of the law.

Here’s the missing item of the puzzle: Tony must technically currently have actually a 3rd strike, and this is what Ryan implies as soon as he tells Tony he’s not going to make him look negative. While Tony and Ryan were together, Tony beat the hell out of a homophobe who yelled at them in the street, and directly avoided being recorded by the cops. The just reason he escaped them was Hannah, that hid him at the Crestmont and also smoothly lied to the cop who came looking.


In various other words, if it weren’t for Hannah, Tony would certainly probably be in jail. And this is why he’s been so scared of testifying, bereason he knows there’s no means he deserve to tell the complete reality around his friendship via Hannah on the stand also. She left the tapes on his doorstep along with a note saying, “I understand you’ll save my secret. You owe me.” Ultimately, Tony’s able to obtain through the trial and keep both his secret and also Hannah’s, yet he does tell Mrs. Baker the fact about exactly how she safeguarded him.

FYI, Tony likewise reveals the full story behind his various other two assaults: the initially male he beat up was trying to steal his auto, and also the second was marketing drugs to his sister. Still not okay! But okay sufficient that Tony stays my problematic fave!

The season two finaleBy the end of seakid 2, Tony’s right earlier to his old self, aka the world’s most attentive friend. When Lord Huron’s “The Night We Met” starts to play at the Spring Fling, plunging Clay right into silent emotional crisis for evident reasons, who bounds ideal throughout the dance floor to hug him? Obv, it’s Tony. A few minutes later, after Clay’s talked Tyler out of a shooting spree, that pulls up beside them in the nick of time to whisk Tyler ameans before the cops present up? You understand it. It’s Tony — even though he’s still on probation and must probably not be gaining connected.

As strange and rumelted as this finale felt, it does set up some intriguing possibilities for seaboy three. Given Tony"s very own anger administration problems and also compassionate nature, he might be the just person with a genuine shot at getting through to Tyler. But he"s dangerously close to gaining that 3rd strike, and also if he ends up doing jail time because he helped Tyler escape the cops, I will be furious. This whole show had better end with Tony acquiring nopoint yet love and happiness and possibly some sort of fruit basket, alright?

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