l>Mardi Gras DatesLouisiana DivisionNew Orleans Public LibraryMardi Gras Dates--Past and also FutureNew Orleans" BIG yearly occasion, MardiGras, isconstantly the day prior to Ash Wednesday which itself is constantly forty days before Easter(excluding Sundays). But to simplify matters for carnival historians--and also for those eager topartake in the revelries to come--we existing this list of dates for Mardi Grascelebrations ago to 1947 and also for the years through 2050. Pass an excellent time!
YearDate1947 February 181948February 101949March 11950February 211951February 61952February 261953February 17 1954March 21955February 221956February 141957March 51958February 181959February 101960March 11961February 141962March 61963February 261964February 111965March 21966February 221967February 71968February 271969February 181970February 101971February 231972February 151973March 61974February 261975February 111976March 21977February 221978February 71979February 271980February 191981March 31982February 231983February 151984March 61985February 191986February 111987March 31988February 161989February 71990February 271991February 121992March 31993February 231994February 151995February 281996February 201997February 111998February 241999February 162000March 72001February 272002February 122003March 42004February 242005February 82006February 282007February 202008February 52009February 242010February 162011March 82012February 212013February 122014March 42015February 172016February92017February 282018February 132019March 52020February 252021February 162022March 12023February 212024February 132025March 42026February 172027February 92028February 292029February 132030March 52031February 252032February 102033March 12034February 212035February 62036February 262037February 172038March 92039February 222040February 142041March 52042February 182043February 102044March 12045February 212046February 62047February 262048February 182049March 22050February 22Return to Fact Finder