In this Onimusha Warlords Decoder Box Locations Guide, we will certainly overview you on the places of Decoder Boxes in Onimusha Warlords. You will certainly need to discover and also fix all of these Decoder Boxes if you want to unlock the Decrypter, Table for One achievement or trophy for the game. Tright here are four Decoder Boxes and finding them is not your only job.

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Once you have situated a Decoder Box, you will also should deal with it to open it up. Also, an additional requirement for these Decoder Boxes is that you will certainly be required to discover all of the papers required for the question also if you desire to resolve them. Without the files, you will not have the ability to solve them. After the files, you will sindicate need to answer the concerns asked while opening the Decoder Box to open up it.

Decoder Box Locations Guide – Onimusha Warlords

Our Onimusha Warlords Decoder Box Locations Guide ensures that you can easily find all the decoder boxes and settle them easily. If you do not want to uncover all records for a decoder box, you can ssuggest discover the answers to each Decoder Box listed below. We have detailed the areas and remedies of all four decoder boxes discovered in the game below.

Decoder Box #1 – Seiyru

This is the first Decoder Box that you deserve to discover in the game. At the base of the Magic Mirror, you will concerned the South Area after leaving the Underground Temple. Here, as shortly as you exit the temple, you will uncover the Decoder Box. If you desire to discover the answer for this Decoder Box yourself, you can find all the Seiryu Files which will certainly assist you open it up.

If you desire to skip the file repertoire and want to open package appropriate ameans, you deserve to find the answer listed below. The question for this particular box is ‘What clan has been subverted by the demons?’


Decoder Box #2 – Suzaku

This is the second Decoder Box that you will be forced to open in the game. In the exact same, South Area wright here you uncovered the initially one, proceed making development in the level till you reach the dried moat. The second Decoder Box is situated here. This Decoder Box calls for every one of the Suzaku Files if you desire to uncover the answer on your own.

If you desire to ssuggest skip the documents and also open package right ameans, check out the answer for this Decoder Box below. The question for this Decoder Box is ‘Name the relic developed by the Ogres to damage the demons.’


Decoder Box #3 – Byakko

The third Decoder Box is situated in the West Area. This is the very same base of the Magic Mirror and also you will come here prior to using the gold and silver plates to accessibility the structure on fire. You will certainly need Kaede to access this Decoder Box.

In enhancement, if you want to discover the answer to this box yourself, collect all the Byakko Files otherwise you deserve to ssuggest look at the answer listed below. The question for this certain Decoder Box is ‘Name the mysterious place where the Ogres gather’


Decoder Box #4 – Genbu

This is the last Decoder Box and also you will certainly uncover in the East Area of the exact same base of the Magic Mirror. Head previous the waterfall and look for the Decoder Box in the room ahead. Similar to the previous boxes, if you want to uncover the answer for it yourself, you have the right to discover all the Genbu Files.

If not, you deserve to ssuggest look for the answer image below. The question for this Decoder Box is ‘What can be magnified with souls from the gauntlet?’


Once you have located and opened up all 4 Decoder Boxes, you will unlock the trophy/success Decrypter, Table for One.

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This concludes our Onimusha Warlords Decoder Box Locations Guide. If you want to include anypoint to this overview, feel cost-free to use the comments area below.