Do you love fldental, sweet and also fresh fragrances or somepoint in between? Fragrance is among the many effective and personal points out tright here. Just one smell have the right to instantly lug earlier memories. It have the right to rise your mood. It have the right to even include a layer of comfort or confidence to your outfit of the day. But via endless alternatives (also for the guys), it’s tough to know wright here to begin. Don’t worry: We’ve put together a list of measures to aid you turn into a signature scent pro in no time.

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Start through what you like (and also don’t).

For example: your go-to laundry detergent or favorite cocktail.

Sniffing out hints.

Do you have a go-to lotion you lug everywhere? What about a candle that constantly makes you smile? Do you discover yourself enjoying that “just out of the oven” scent from baking? And on the oppowebsite finish of the spectrum…are you not a fan of muskies fragrances? Or what about that one floral you just can’t stand? All of these things are substantial indicators of what kinds of fragrances are appropriate for you. The more conscious you are of your likes and dislikes, the easier it will be to...


Narrow down the fragrance family members.

Get ready: We’re breaking down the key notes and also moods that come within each scent’s category.


Think lemon. Think lime. Think oselection. Think super bideal, super refreshing scents that scream sunshine and also instantly perk you up. Many famous in summer. SHOP



A fragrance category that’s always in seachild. From romantic roses to airy peonies and also whatever in between, you’ll love smelling choose a blooming garden. SHOP



Love the scent of fresh-out-of-the-dryer sheets? Fresh fragrances are for you. Cotton, sea breeze, basically anything that renders you feel cool and clean, like Gingham. SHOP



Strawberry-topped cakes, fruity cocktails, peachy treats and tropical delicacies…these goodies make eexceptionally day a tiny sunnier. SHOP



A dash of sweetness for eexceptionally moment of your day? Yes, please. Cookies, cupcakes and also other sugary ingredients are excellent for dealing with yourself. SHOP


Imagine taking a stroll via a pine woodland. Wandering approximately a spring meadow. Alprepared running out the door? Look for pine, sandaltimber, birch, and so on. in a scent prefer In the Stars and Graphite. SHOP

It’s all around lifestyle (and also season).

Odds are, you’ll probably have a couple of various scents for specific events or occasions. Your everyday 9-5 signature, your night-out go-to, your fun weekend splurge, and so on And, of course, as the seasons adjust, your fragrance choices will certainly change, too! We recommend picking up a light and airy floral for spring (hint: Perfect Peony), a sweet and cheery gourmand also for the holidays, a warmth pumpkin for loss and a fruity, citrusy number for summer.

How to (properly) smell 101.

Now that you have actually a better idea of the fragrance categories, it’s time to head to the store. Grab a few testing sheets. Spray the experimentation paper and also wait about 10 seconds for the scent to clear up in. We recommfinish only trying a couple of scents per visit. Why? Because over time, your nose gets desensitized to smell.

Pro tip: many blends have various layers of fragrance notes...a top, middle and also bottom. As time goes on, the height scent will progressively fade right into the middle notes and so on. So be sure to smell each note layer prior to you buy it.

No save close by? No problem.

It’s actually surprisingly simple to discover new categories digital, through a couple of devices. Our shop by fragrance section is an excellent area to begin, but we also love analysis reviews to get a sense of what various other civilization think about the scent. And once you’ve picked a few, mini perfumes are a good means to attempt them (particularly if you’re not fully all set to commit).

Pick a favorite method to fragrance.

We lug 3 primary types of forms…eau de parfum, cologne and also fine fragrance mists. They’re all simply as exceptional, however there are a couple of vital distinctions.

Fine Fragrance Mist

Light and airy, they’re perfect for spritzing throughout the day, no issue where you are or that you’re with. Our fine fragrance mists last around 2-3 hours and also because they have actually a lower concentration of vital oils, they’re super buildable.


Our most luxurious blends, in the the majority of beautiful bottles. With a higher concentration of fragrance oils, our perfumes are even more fraprovide and long-lasting than fine fragrance mists. Plus, eextremely time you use them, it’ll make the occasion a little more special.


Great for eexceptionally form of male, from the contemporary guy to the coast lover and past, our men’s cologne is long-lasting, super-fragrant and also method versatile — for daily wear, day night and eexceptionally occasion in in between.

Hint: They additionally make perfect presents.

Pro tip:

Layer your mists and perfumes via equivalent body lotions, shower gels and body creams to complete the collection (and also save the scent going).

Shop and reap.

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It’s finally time to purchase and use! Couldn’t narrow down to one choice? Pick a couple of, we won’t tell.