Soccer shin guards are one of the the majority of important pieces of devices for soccer players, both young and old. With so many feet going after just one sphere, it’s inescapable that someone gets kicked occasionally. When you’re on the receiving finish of a kick, the last thing the majority of people want is to be bare-shinned.

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It’s All About Protecting Them Bones, Your Shins!

Our favorite for the ideal soccer shin guard is the Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards

However before, shin guards are extremely valuable, but only as soon as they are sized and also favored effectively. Loose or poorly fitted shin guards might slip as soon as they are essential the the majority of, autumn out, or may otherwise fail. If you are a first-time soccer parent, or you are a novice interested in finding your very own, you’ll need to understand also what the best soccer shin guards are for you.

This indicates understanding how to select the finest shin guards, what to look for, and also even more.

How to Choose the Best Shin Guards

Choosing the ideal shin guards requires a few essential considerations, consisting of position, sizing, and kinds of shin guards.

1. Player Position

Eextremely place in soccer plays a distinct function with different demands as a result. For civilization that play all positions on the field, well-rounded shin guards that allow for both security and versatility are ideal. However before, if you tfinish to play simply one place, you’ll must look for attributes that are specific to that place.

Defenders require heavier guards that sell plenty of security and also ankle coverage.Midfielders regularly advantage from well-rounded shin guards that balance both versatility and also protection.Goalkeepers require minimal protection and also frequently benefit from lightweight alternatives.Forwards or Strikers often benefit from lightweight and also tiny shin guards that offer protection without interfering via mobility.

2. Shin Guard Sizing – They Should Be an Exstress and anxiety of Your Shins

Sizing is identified mainly by the height of a player. Almethods inspect the size chart on the particular shin guard to get a fit that is snug and around leastern 2″ under the knee.

3. Types of Shin Guards – Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Finally, you should take into consideration the kind of shin guard you may be interested in. There are 3 major types: Slip-in shin guards, ankle shin guards, and shin socks.

Slip-in Shin Guards


Slip-in shin guards are lightweight options that fit underneath socks. Some pairs are snug enough to save the shin guards secure. Others favor to tape them or usage compression sleeves to host the shields securely in the time of play. These are a favored choice for advanced players that favor the freedom of activity.

Shin Guards with Ankle Protection


Ankle shin guards are even more protective and are often recommfinished for younger players. As a defender, I have actually been kicked in the ankle enough times in my game endure that I additionally prefer them. Even as an adult player.

They are padded on both sides of the ankle to save it safe. Most of these have actually stirrups that go under the feet and store them in area, plus a hook-and-loop strap about the calf to keep them secure. Some versions of shin guards through ankle protection are easily accessible wright here the ankle guard is not straight attached to the shin guard. Plus, you deserve to buy the ankle guards individually if you later decide you require them, they get damaged or become worn out.

Shin Guard Sleeves or Socks


Shin guard sleeves or socks are designed through convenience in mind. They are easy to put on, via the shin guards developed appropriate right into the sock or sleeve. Young players frequently prefer these for ease of usage.

For the Love of Your Shins – The Importance of Shin Guards

Shin guards bring a number of essential benefits that make them worthwhile. This item of defense keeps shins protected from painful kicks from cleated feet. Several of the the majority of necessary benefits incorporate the following:

Risk of Injury is Lower

There is a danger of injury in any sport, however wearing shin guards can aid alleviate it. Shin guards safeguard the shins from being kicked or stepped on, particularly after falling to the ground. Well-fitted shin guards stay in area, regardmuch less of what happens, and help to defend the legs and shins much better.

May Provide Extra Support

Though not true to all pairs of shin guards, many carry out a better sense of assistance for the individual wearing them. Shin guards designed to cradle the ankle and wrap roughly the foot are very effective at supporting the foot during running, cutting, jumping, kicking, and also tackling.

Boosting Confidence on the Playing Field

When playing soccer, wearing shin guards can likewise analyze to confidence bereason you recognize that your legs are safeguarded and also safe. Players wearing shin guards know that their legs aren’t going to be hit through cleats if the other perkid misses their note. Knowing that tbelow is an additional layer between yourself, and potential injury have the right to frequently make human being even more daring and also willing to tackle the ball or to block a swarm or pass.

How to Wear Shin Guards

Wearing soccer shin guards effectively is highly dependent upon the variety you have chosen. Almeans check the consisted of instructions to ensure that shin guards are used correctly.

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Usually intake starts with making sure that they are the best size and length. Many younger players use shin guards that encompass ankle security, which is put on first. Socks are then pulled on over the guards, and also ultimately, the cleats are put on last. While you deserve to put these guards over your socks, the majority of leagues will call for socks over the shin guards since tright here is a hazard of someone acquiring hurt by straight call with the plastic portion of the shin guard.Slip-in guards, on the other hand, go inside socks after socks and also cleats have actually currently been put on. Then, put on the guard and also tug up the sock over it. Some like to use tape to keep the sock and guard in place. Many slip-ons also come through a sleeve that have the right to hold the guard in location also.Remember that Organization rules commonly call for socks to totally cover the pair of shin guards, so setup appropriately.

Our Top 5 Best Soccer Shin Guards

We reviewed many soccer shin guards and over the years we’ve viewed and also tried a variety of types of guards. These are our top 5 favorite shin guards, complete with pros and also cons: