Netflix"s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina shocked viewers with its deliciously dark plot. Given that the original Sabrina The Teenage Witch series was exceptionally much a feel-excellent sitcom, the brand-new show being so loyal to the original comic"s dark happenings came as a surpincrease and a delight. No one loves the dark characteristics of CAOS as much as Ross Lynch, CAOS" extremely own Harvey Kinkle, who renders up one half of music duo The Driver Era. The other fifty percent is his older brother, Rocky Lynch, and also Ross and Rocky Lynch"s "Welcome To The End Of Your Life" is a "90s grunge-inspired track that"s just as dark in content as Ross" present acting gig.

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Ross and also Rocky supplied to be component of R5 — a pop group which was also made up of their siblings Rydel Lynch and also Riker Lynch, and also family members frifinish Ellington Ratliff. The team was making music and also touring prior to Ross booked a leading role on Disney Channel"s Austin & Ally, then their music and TV success brought about a record resolve Disney"s Hollytimber Records. The Driver Age marks Ross and Rocky"s official leave from R5, Disney, and Hollywood Records, and their foray into independent artistry.

If we make music that’s great and also hocolony and civilization desire to listen to, there’s nopoint else that necessarily matters in the lengthy run.

Ross and also Rocky tell Elite Daily that going from being signed under a label to being independent artists is "substantially various." For starters, they now make every one of their music in a studio they set up in their garage in Los Angeles.

"We’re not really necessarily in search of an immediate approval from a potential investor," Ross tells me. "Now, it’s much even more around what feels excellent."

He proceeds, "Now, it’s a lot even more about what feels great. And it’s always been about what feels excellent to us and also what we prefer, however essentially there’s one much less filter we have to filter our music via. It’s actually not filtered at all, because also if we display our songs to anybody and they don’t choose it, that’s fine."

They make it clear that their relationship via Hollywood Records was mainly positive and that they learned whatever they know about music production from their time through the label, however being independent artists was just a much better fit.

That freedom to produce has brought about music from the duo that does not necessarily all fit into one specific genre. Listening to their singles, you have the right to hear the trial and error going on as they number out the perfect Driver Age sound.

I hope your ears question why they like this so much.

"Welcome To The End Of Your Life," which was released on April 26, is a standout in their collection of singles. (You most likely noticed that simply by way of the title.)

"The song is prefer a large juxtaposition, bereason it sounds dark and also the lyrics presumably are dark, but I think the message is positive," Ross claims.

"I hope your ears kind of question why they prefer this so much," Rocky adds, "bereason the song’s progression is currently in a slightly dark, progressive place, but at the exact same time, that song is reenergetic."

The one point the boys desire fans to take ameans from the song? "That baselineeeeee," Ross claims in a drawn-out fashion.

The Driver Era dropped the "Welcome To The End Of Your Life" music video on April 30.

The video"s idea (which totally reminds me of Angela Anaconda) was ideated by Ross and Rocky themselves, they tell me, and that all of The Driver Era content later on is going to be a product of their own creativity. That principle is admittedly dark, Ross and also Rocky say, but the video clarifies the song"s definition as soon as it reaches a climax close to the finish.

Throughout the video, viewers check out a stop-activity animated 9-to-5 office way of life. At the finish, positive messages around making the the majority of out of your life are strewn throughout the windows of the "office structures." Then, a monster surrounded by pill bottles shows up, and the song goes off.

Ross sings, "Now it"s simply me and also a mirror / Can"t tell if I"m really right here / I think I"m leaving this body." While this might be construed as dark and morbid, it"s really more around coming to the realization that you either challenge the reality that your life isn"t what you want it to be and also readjust it, or you die unfulfilled.

That sounds pretty damn millennial to me, a millennial. And it"s not tough to watch wbelow Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has actually affected the video. Monsters, and fatality, and also angst? Yeah, that"s CAOS" affect if I ever before did check out it.


The Driver Era hasn"t released any type of EPs or a deyet album just yet (every one of their releases thus much have been singles), though they say they hope to soon. They"ve been on tour over the last few months (you could have actually checked out Ross trfinishing on Twitter after fans swooned hardcore over tour videos), and Rocky claims they"re looking forward to playing this certain song for their fans.

"That song is reactive," Rocky states, including that playing it for friends and also younger cousins gets a increase out of them that he and Ross love to view. "That’s as soon as we know you’ve got something that’s type of eclectic and a little left of facility," he proceeds, "You’re favor, all right, this has got some wheels."

When it involves their future as independent artists, they"re admittedly a bit nervous. But these guys are seasoned musicians. Their R5, Disney, and also Hollywood Records days taught them everything they essential to know about making music, and also currently, they say, it"s just about trusting their skill.

"I think a lot of what we learned was really to simply trust ourselves even more and also to not count on other world as a lot," Ross states of their time through Hollytimber Records. "It was sort of like, you know, being independent works for us so well. We create and create all our own songs, then we’re literally placing our very own music videos into production right now. I think that was the most handy lesboy, to really trust ourselves."

Rocky adds that self-doubt is herbal, yet they"re likewise naturals at making music.

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"Anytime we ever before experienced a case wbelow we were kind of like, ‘All appropriate, will this execute what we desire it to do?’ we always type of came earlier through, ‘Yo, are we making excellent music?’" he claims. "That’s literally the bottom line. If we make music that’s excellent and hoswarm and also people desire to listen to, there’s nopoint else that necessarily matters in the lengthy run."

You have the right to jam out to The Driver Era"s "Welcome To The End Of Your Life" on all significant streaming platdevelops.