Day 148: "We Takin' Over" feat. Akon, T.I., Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and also Birdman – DJ Khaled, We The Best, 2007

When I started the Year of Lil Wayne, I promised that I would make recurring clintends around the finest Lil Wayne song. But now I'm nearing the halfway suggest of the year, and also I've bacount made any type of such claims at all. It's time we obtained to the bottom of this.

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So, this day, let's comment on the ideal Lil Wayne guest verse of all time, his cshedding verse on DJ Khaled's 2007 opus "We Takin' Over." There are a couple of Wayne lines that seared themselves right into my brain forever before the first time I heard them, that instantly confirmed my suspicions that Lil Wayne was the finest rapper alive, and "I remain on track favor a box of Pumas" could be the the majority of necessary of every one of them. Something around that metaphor—so outlandish yet so, pardon the pun, pedestrian—interacted whatever good about Wayne's mind, the way that it functioned in virtuosic means the rest of us could never approach. And it was rapped so sindicate, so matter-of-factly, simply perfectly and also exactly on beat. It is iconic. And that's not also the the majority of well known line in the verse.

But initially let's earlier up and set the scene, just as it is set for Wayne's verse to arrive. After all, that's component of what makes this Wayne's ideal feature: He's batting cleanup after an all-star lineup, transferring the punctuation that transforms a good posse cut right into an iconic one.

In the plan of "Why Should I Care About DJ Khaled," the ranmonarchs are reasonably clear. There is, of course, DJ Khaled the persona, the modern-day Snapchat maven and also cocoa butter enthusiast, beloved by all for his good-natured bluster as rap's over-the-height ambassador to the broader human being. This variation of DJ Khaled is important. But the reason anyone cares about it is bereason of DJ Khaled's greatest undeniable hit, "All I Do Is Victory," a song that is and also will certainly forever be played at eextremely sporting occasion in America until the finish of time. And the reason anyone cares about that is the number one ranked item on our list, "We Takin' Over," the best of Khaled's all-star anthems, the one that confirmed his undeniable power and set forth the following decade of successes. "We Takin' Over" lhelp the blueprint for the DJ Khaled megahit, from the roster of guests to the literal world-overcoming hook to the massive budobtain video erected to look favor an action movie of the greatest order.

"Basically, in between me and Khaled, we pulled eexceptionally favor in the book," director Gil Green told the Miami New Times last year, in recommendation to the "We Takin' Over" video. It was a worthy venture. The song landed T.I. at his absolute height as King of the South for the opening verse. It had Akon, the emergent king of pop radio, whose hits "Smack That," "I Wanna Love You," and "Don't Matter" were burning up the charts every one of 2006 and also 2007. Rick Ross, then something of an unrecognized exterior of Miami, began to cement his legacy, announcing he was the "Biggie of my city." Fat Joe was Fat Joe, on the heels of his massive hit featuring Lil Wayne, "Make It Rain." Plus, he's the one that finished up on the speedboat through Khaled in the video, a coveted spot. Tright here was Birdguy, the superstar document impresario responsible for Lil Wayne, the freshly minted ideal rapper alive, both of whom Khaled had actually known from his days as a document store clerk in New Orleans—in fact, Khaled had actually saw them meeting in Odyssey Records, according to the same Miami New Times short article. As far as all-star rosters go, you couldn't have actually done any better balancing massive pop appeal and also authentic street appeal than this one.

The result is that the song ended up being a smash, and also it was one of those songs, also, wright here the video only added to the mystique. The song sounded larger-than-life, and also Khaled gave it a video clip to complement, a big-budobtain action movie caper story (the video opens up with a voice announcing, "this simply in: DJ Khaled is on the run… Khaled is wanted by an evil assailant team affiliated with censoring the effective voice of the human being, but the movement will not be stopped"). Amongst the spectacles we witness are T.I. kidnapping Khaled (to store him safe), Rick Ross and Khaled driving backwards in Bentley convertible dvery own I-95, Khaled and Fat Joe in a speedboat chase, and then Wayne and also Birdguy under attack by a SWAT team in a church. It's fucking awesome. It set the phase for eincredibly Khaled video and also many various other videos to come. And it made the human being connected superstars.

Talking to the FADER in 2013, Khaled attributed the video with being his massive break:

It changed my life. That"s once I knew they let me in. I broke the obstacles, the circle. That"s once I shelp it"s gonna be on and also poppin". And I kbrand-new it on the video collection when me and Ross was driving the convertible Bentley backwards. I told Ross, "Oh, it"s on currently." I remember that day. It"s a details feeling: civilization were rooting for me. And it felt good. And I ain"t never before turned ago considering that. That document Wayne"s finest verse of the year at that time—shit, perhaps the decade, that"s just how serious… I am the beastern, feed me rappers or feed me beats. And that"s once Ross just broke through "Hustlin"" and also he became the new massive artist. And me and also Ross repping that Miami, and we on tright here. There"s the majority of special points about that record, you know what I"m saying?

And, like Khaled said in that interwatch, the song was something of Wayne's big break, too. Although Wayne was obviously currently a star—at the precise exact same time, "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" and "Make It Rain" were both huge hits, and also "Lollipop" was just about the corner—his verse felt like confirmation of the claims he'd been making in the year or 2 beforehand that he was the best rapper alive. After all, here he was on a song through numerous other star rappers walking away via the hands-down finest verse. Songs favor "Go DJ" and "Fireman" were hits, but "We Takin' Over" was an anthem. This was "Bling Bling" part two, except this time Wayne wasn't just a precocious upbegin coming into his own. He was out to prove he might rap much better than literally anyone else.

Assessing the video at the moment, the Village Voice's Tom Breihan anointed Wayne's verse as "monumental" and "the best one" on the song, including that "it's exceptional exactly how a lot much better Wayne's acquired in the past year; even his bullshit guest-verses feel prefer events." Breihan concludes that "it really shouldn't sound so simple." A few years later on, in 2011, HipHopDX declared that the verse "Turned Wayne into a Hip Hop superstar." Writer Ryan Redding goes on to say, "Wayne dialed up the goosebump meter for his scene-stealing appearance" and also describe Wayne rapping "as if he was in Hip Hop 101 and this was his last exam" prior to concluding, "the breathtaking last verse on 'We Takin' Over' was a waterburned minute that will certainly at some point make its method onto Lil' Wayne's Hall of Fame plaque." And just last year, Khaled's very own assessment of the verse continued to be regular. In an intersee via Power 106's J Cruz, once asked around the best verse of all his anthems, he responded without hesitating, "'I intend, absolutely that Lil Wayne 'Takin' Over': 'I am the beast, feed me rappers, feed me beats.' That's a classic, you understand."

So what is the verse? It goes favor this:

I am the beastFeed me rappers or feed me beatsI"m untamed; I require a leashI"m insane; I require a shrinkI love brain; I need a leechWhy comsimple on simple street?I do not also talk, I let the Visa speakAnd I like my Sprite Easter pinkAnd my wristwear Chopard but the Mueller"s coolerI have more jewels than your jewelerTouch and I will bust your medullaThat"s a bullet hole it is not a tumorRed light, red light, speak your rumorsI remain on track like a box of PumasNow just rock-rock-rock through juniorI am the bit massive kahuna

Besides the Pumas line, which I love, and also the opening line around eating rappers, which Khaled loves, tright here are so many type of various other things to love about this verse: the symmeattempt of the "I'm (blank); I require (blank)" lines, the declaration that "I don't even talk, I let the Visa stop," the method he paoffers as he says "I like… my Sprite… Easter pink," mimicking the slowing results of lean. That line, by the way—I deserve to tell you from recently reading several prorecords and opinion pieces of Wayne from around this time—was supplied ad nauseum to comment on his drug use and explain what cough syrup was, which provides it iconic also past the reality that it rhymes through "Visa soptimal."

Then there's the beautiful interior rhyme of "Mueller's cooler" that then is also an inner rhyme with the next line, one more iconic statement of "I have actually more jewels than your jeweler." This is another example of the kind of Wayne line that sticks out in the minds of civilization who don't really follow rap and also builds his picture as the quintnecessary rapper. Plus he rhymes it with "medulla." And then simply consider the rhythmic gymnastics of "I am the little bit massive kahuna," a line that I might repeat 50 times prior to I controlled to fit it into the rhythm of that verse.

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What else is tright here to say? Lil Wayne, the bit substantial kahuna, prospered right into the ideal rapper alive in the public mind right here, and he went on to have actually the ideal year of rap anyone had actually ever seen. His verse was so good he determined he had actually to go and make a freestyle over the whole song, and that additionally was incredible. What verse might be better?

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