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Bridget from CoPlus, I thought Guns n" Roses made this. It sounded like them, though!Bridget from CoOf course this was around two kids struggling financially! Also I"m shocked this was left off of "Slippery once Wet." On peak of that, a meeting through teens readjusted Jovi"s mind out of all points. Crazy however amazing. It all comes to display that you never recognize that will adjust your mind about points.Gino from HoustonActually, I was the original Desmond Child. Richie Sambora and also myself came up with the pseudonym. There was no Desmond Child prior to we came up through the pseudonym in the 80"s. This John Barrett Jr. being Desmond Child and also anypoint before the truth was fabricated by the government. Also, John Barrett Jr. is not his genuine name, and also he presented himself to me as John Bariskowski, and his friend was John Rouge. Rouge is not a girl. I cocomposed some of the Livin on a Prayer lyrics. I initially was just scratching some lyrics on a document, but yes it is about the amerideserve to dream or simply making it in the civilization of difficult knocks. My original believed of the song came about a preacher always trying to guide me right into priesthood, yet I was swaying towards baseround and songwriting. I met Paul Stanley in the late 70"s and also Martha (vocal coach) in the beforehand 80"s. Words got out that I had songs. Martha was trying to train my vocals, and also I sung many type of songs acappella. I wrote many of the songs at my house, but I sung them acappella at a tiny lounge developed to accommoday models where many rockers also convened. Bon Jovi, Richie and myself had actually currently written You Give Love a Bad Name at the store/ lounge, and also he visited the store/lounge many times. I was earlier on the loading docks trying/practicing Livin on a Prayer. I wanted to relocate the song in another direction from the original selecting between priesthood to secular rock world song. Actually Tommy and Gina worked at the keep. Finally it struck me, via all he commotion going on at the save, that this song will be around making it in America. I was trying to envision the road ahead. Bon Jovi had been waiting up at package pickup/store/lounge for around 30 minutes while I was in the back sorting via some merchandise and also creating the song. There were many type of people up at package pick-up when I made it back approximately package pickup. Gina walked through the entrance door, and also I just sung most of the initially verse and also then Bon Jovi interrupted me saying enough. I then sassist let me sing the chorus, and also I sung the chorus. Aacquire he was amused, and he said that song was not for him however a Loverboy tune. He later finimelted creating the song, and he played the song in front of children to watch how they preferred the song prior to placing the song on the album. The kids approved of the song. Oh, yeah where"s my 2% handshake in front of civilization at the lounge/save. Cyberpope from Richmond, CanadaThis would"ve been a good layout song for the 2011 sitcom "2 Broke Girls" but more so if the sitcom had a dockworker boyfriend as well as the struggling diner waitressSamantha from Mohegan Lake, Nyto me the story this song tells is an extremely romantic one. it"s kinda like forbidden love. they never before offer up a solitary opportunity to be together and never take a solitary second for granted. Gina"s advice is extremely beneficial bereason everyone must organize onto what they have actually. prior to they recognize it, the points that they host onto may be gone so enjoy it while it lasts. live your life to the fullest and also treat eextremely day like it"s your last. that"s type of what Gina is saying as soon as she claims "we"ve got to host on to what we"ve obtained cuz it doesn"t make a difference if we make it or not." and also that is true in many instances. as long as you have actually whats the majority of necessary to you, which in this case is love, you"ll never before require anypoint else in life and also therefore you"ve completed your objective in life, making it not issue if you make it to check out the next day or not. Esskayess from Dallas, TxThis is by much my favorite song of theirs, yet I uncover myself smiling eexceptionally time a specific line is played, bereason it sounds a little favor they"re singing:"Doesn"t make a difference if we"re naked or not."Camille from Toronto, OhSomething around a rock star singing "livin" on a prayer" renders this song the hit that it is; the juxtaplace, or contrast, of these two opposites. One does not typically associate rock stars and also prayer via each various other, however there he is, screaming melodiously that the only hope they gained left is a prayer. Who hasn"t been there at some point in time? Heck, it sounds favor also members of a rock band understand also that tright here are moments in life once all you gained left is a prayer. Gotta love it. Samantha from Mohegan Lake, Nyi love this song, in addition to most other kids in my institution. i also memorized all the lyrics to the song.Jim from Long Beach, CaI am not a Bon Jovi fan at all however this song kicks ass!!Jim from Ralston, Neslash does not usage a talkbox. he provides a wah pedal, which a sh*t ton of various other guitarists use. i understand i recognize slash is a great guitarist however just because he remained in guiutar hero does not make him god. tright here are many type of better guitarists out tbelow speak trying to make eextremely timeless rock artist relate to slash, please.Jesus from Alabama, DcJon has actually a niece and nephew in brand-new jersey called Tommy and also Gina, so he used those names for the songCody from Lawton, OkHey, just saying Slash does NOT use a talkbox... he provides Wah, its a pedal, definately not a talkbox though "/Blane from Pocola, OkBON JOVI sucks only good song is Wanted Dead Or AliveBlane from Pocola, OkGNR"s SLASH provides talk boxes all the timeDale from Santa Fe, NmWho doesn"t attempt to imitate the talkbox guitar at the beginning? You"re lying if you deny it. ;DMichael from Morris County, NjGreatest hair steel song ever before.Nicola from London, EnglandThis song is excellent to and listen to. This song has actually some definition to life, and the means we really relate to life. This is one of his ideal songs to day.Calum from Edinburgh, Scotlandthis song is Def Leppard"s #1 favourite rock songFer from Pacifica, CaBest rock song ever before composed by the ideal band also ever. I also teach my fifth graders how to sing this song.Bjorn from Amsterdam, Netherlandslikewise prior to they dubbed the album slippery once wet they wanted to call it guns and roses because Jon witnessed a picture of a barband also (and also they had actually a suitcase with the title weapons and also roses on it}in the newspaper. But that band became exceptionally succesfull(firearms and roses)in a brief time after that and also then they came up wiht the title slippery once wet. Jon sassist this truth on the dvd 100.00.000 bon jovi fans can not be wrongAmy from Dallas, Txnice song..thats exciting that the cover is a trash bag, lol it looks excellent..i guessNikki from Melbourne, AustraliaIn an intersee with JBJ(2004), he actually claims that they were going to title Slippery When Wet, Guns and also Roses. But what through the "guns n roses" name already made popular by the band also, they opted for Slippery rather.Rob from Castaic, CaBowling For Soup discussed Tommy and Gina in their song "Punk Rock 101." The line is "Like Tommy And Gina, They"re Living On A Prayer."Daryn from East London, South AfricaTommy and also Gina were given another cite in "99 In The Shade" on New Jersey a pair of years later on.Julia from London, EnglandI love this song and i think this is the ultimate insparational song that sends out the message to hang on in there despite the difficulties that you are encountering thus the line "it doesn"t make a difference if we make or not"the song is pretty straightforward and also does"t reqiure a lot of pondering around what the lyrics mean- and also that"s a great point. A lot of world deserve to relate to this song and also it sends out a message of hope that was very suited after sep 11Nicalee from Oklahoma City, OkActually the girl through huge boobs was left off the cover bereason Jon didnt prefer the pink border that matched the girls nails. He didnt think they would certainly be taken seriously via a pink border. I believe Japan was the only country to receive the substantial boob booklet.

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Jon had little time to come up via a brand-new cover or they were going to be sent out and thats once he discovered a black trash bag and sprayed it via water and created Slippery when Wet on it. This was from VH1s #1 albums or something choose thatcheck out more comments