“Our destiny is in our own hands’ ‘ the saying goes. But just how far this is true is a moot question indeed!‘Where there is a will, tright here is a way’, however just how handy is it in today’s context is somepoint that is to be scrutinized threadbare.I constantly thought that we deserve to shape our destiny to our liking, by tough occupational and perseverance. But, when I don’t succeed also after working tough and persevering, I lose belief in these worths and feel that the destiny has actually somepoint else in save for me. I feel that no matter however hard we occupational and also permajor, destiny controls us and our future and also we are bound to follow it demudepend. On the various other hand, I feel all this talk of destiny and believing in it thoughtlessly are the indicators of a weak-minded perkid who desires to stop their responsibilities. A strong perchild will weather eextremely storm of the destiny, come what may, to attain their goals!

Destiny is your potential waiting to take place.

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It’s the optimal tier in the grand also system of possibilities and also where your desires come true.There is a numerous number of tracks which we deserve to take. But not all of them lead approximately the location station to which we need to rerotate in time.I strongly think in destiny