The 10 Most Iconic Outfits From John Hughes Movies The 80s were a memorable time for fashion and the movies did their part also. Here are 10 of the the majority of iconic outfits from John Hughes" filmography.

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With his brilliant understanding of world at any age, John Hughes crafted some of the many memorable characters in all of cinema. From misunderstood young rebels to awkward adults and also everything in in between, Hughes was a hero to many movie fans, young and young at heart.

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But something that Hughes" films do not get enough credit for is the fashions featured in them. Some include iconic looks that fans have loved for decades, while others function stylish examples that deserve to be known. To celebprice, here are 10 of the the majority of iconic outfits from John Hughes" filmography.

Sometimes the a lot of simple of costume deindicators speak the loudest. And as soon as it comes to the quirky pair of Del and Neal from the Hughes classical Planes, Trains & Automobiles, that"s possibly the a lot of fitting summary.

When it comes to Neal (played by Steve Martin), his outfit speaks to his uptight and also major aura, specifically through the all at once grey shade. And then for Del (John Candy), his outfit is a brighter but with a much more casual aesthetic, representing his unapologetic personality. With Each Other they make an unforgettable, uniquely stylish, comedy duo, heightened by April Ferry"s wonderful costume deindications.

Remembered more for its comedic aspects, Sixteenager Candles still attributes some unforgettable style moments, specifically from its lead heroine, Samantha (played by Molly Ringwald). And though many kind of of Samantha"s ensembles might have actually made the list, the apparent winner will certainly always be the bridesmhelp look, thanks to the brilliance of costumer designer Mark Peterson.

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Equal components dorky and also beautiful, this extremely "80s pastel lavender number brilliantly conveys eexceptionally moment it is featured in. First, the cringe-worthy elements of the wedding sequence, followed by the fairy tale sparkle of the film"s conclusion.

Local shop owner by day, rebel by night, Iona (played by Annie Potts) is possibly among Hughes" a lot of underappreciated personalities. Sure, she isn"t a melodramatic teenager, yet she does rock some remarkable looks throughout the course of Pretty in Pink.

This punk rock-influenced ensemble, created by constant Hughes collaborator, Marilyn Vance, perfectly showsituations Iona"s fearmuch less personality. She"s a womale that will not enable anyone to mess with her and will certainly shoot a staple at a customer if she needs to.

7 Kevin"s Red Sweater Outfit - Home Alone

When it involves the cinematic heroes of Christmas, none of them are even more iconic than Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin) from Home Alone. Not only did he make everything look cool at the youngest of ages, yet he rocked this iconic red-and-green combo, courtesy of costume designer Jay Hurley, choose the the majority of superior of fight armor.

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Manned with his trusty weapon-accessories, Kevin plainly renders a kid-appropriate statement via this look. But what really provides this outfit iconic is the chunky red sweater, which only goes on to prove you deserve to be the hero of your very own story without sacrificing any kind of sort of comfort.

With his elaborate sleeveless sweater, and casual white optimal and also jeans, Ferris Bueller (played by Matthew Broderick) is the epitome of cool in his parade outfit. For not only does it showinstance Ferris" rebellious personality, however it likewise exudes a retro high quality that never loses its stylish aspect.

From the rock n" roll-inspired height and pants to Ferris" signature hair-execute, this ensemble — one more Vance masterpiece — speaks to the fun-loving show off inside of eincredibly teenager.

5 Allison"s Detention Outfit - The Breakfast Club

Like many kind of John Hughes personalities, Allison from The Breakquick Club was a woman ahead of her time. And this was specifically true as soon as it came to her impactful fashion choices. Prior, a lot of characters similar to Allichild were presented in tight, bold attire. But, designed by Vance, Allison"s detention outfit proves that anyone deserve to look stylish in shapeless layers.

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Such an outfit deserve to be rather a unique and also timeless alternative. Plus, the costume speaks to Allison"s inner disputes as a character, serving as one more brilliant example of Marilyn Vance"s work on Hughes" filmography.

Though many type of characters have come close, no driver looks quite as cute as Watts (played by Mary Stuart Masterson) from the underrated Some Kind of Wonderful. And though the character has some tremendous tomboy aesthetic fashion moments throughout the movie, this Vance-designed outfit stands shoulders over the remainder.

Some will certainly argue that Watt"s other looks can be taken into consideration more iconic for various reasons. But with her signature red gloves and even even more wonderful hat and also shoes, this outfit mirrors Watts at her exceptionally finest. And once paired via the lace decorated pants, it really provides an impression.

3 Duckie"s Prom Attire - Pretty in Pink

When it involves memorable John Hughes personalities, none have actually left rather a heartwarming impression as Duckie (played by Jon Cryer) from Pretty in Pink. He"s just as much of a fashion symbol as he is a finest (maybe romantic) frifinish. Yet as soon as it pertains to his pantheon of remarkable looks throughout the movie, none really host a candle to his prom attire, also designed by Vance.

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From the memorable blue shades to the always distinctive set of shoes, Duckie is conveniently the best-dressed male at this public school feature. And via this "volcanic" prom ensemble, Duckie proves that you can still clean up genuine nice, while constantly staying the Duckguy.

Comparable to Alliboy, Bender from The Breakfast Club set the trend for many kind of on-display rebels to come. With the aid of Vance, he rocked red plassist prefer no one else, combined it via denim-prefer a pro, all the while looking effortlessly cool.

But what renders this look (worn by Judd Nelson) one of the more iconic ones is the authentic touches on eexceptionally item. The punk style rips in the button-down shirt, the odd button on the jacket, even down to the unique choice in fingermuch less gloves, all tell a bit around Bender"s life external of high college. Plus, no one made wearing a white undershirt throughout the winter look so utterly rebellious.

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1 Andie"s Pink Prom Dress - Pretty in Pink

Of course, as soon as it involves fashion moments in John Hughes" filmography, none are more iconic than Andie"s prom dress from Pretty in Pink. It"s a time capsule of a piece, representing the most "80s take on a Cinderella minute ever before put to celluloid. Who else might be behind this piece however Marilyn Vance?

Some could argue that the character takes two perfectly good dresses and also provides them into one overly completed item. But the dress is the perfect symbolic depiction of Andie"s fearless spirit. She doesn"t let anyone dictate her style or break her. And that"s why the character (and also Molly Ringwald) will certainly always be a style icon for the ages, particularly in this ensemble.