Fear the Walking Dead Seachild 7 Episode 8 was the deep-dive we"ve been waiting all seaboy lengthy for into what taken place to Alicia after the nuclear bombs exploded, yet it was an anticlimactic non-event.

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When your the majority of well-known character disshows up for half a seakid, you have to carry them back in a blaze of glory, but all we obtained was even more torment for Alicia.


Seriously, she"s the only person still on the show since Fear the Walking Dead Seachild 1 Episode 1, and she deserves a lot better storylines than being bitten by a walker, reasoning a walker is leading her to Padre and also finding out that the person she trusted murdered her love interest.

Alicia declaring war on Strand also was a pivotal minute bereason the promotional product has actually extensively hinted at this war in between Strand also and Morgan, but having actually Strand also and also Alicia going against one an additional must switch things up.

Emphasis on should. Fear the Walking Dead tends to play on the illogical side of points, and that was perfectly highlighted when Alicia felt the walker was leading her to Padre.


For an episode titled "Padre," you would certainly think we would certainly get the characters, you recognize, to arrive there and also investigate what is supposedly a safe haven, but not on this display.

I"m all for watching the desperate battle to survive, however the present has actually seriously gone off the rails, and also there"s no telling whether things will enhance prior to the finish of Fear the Walking Dead Seachild 7.

Alicia: I didn"t amputate my arm in time. The infection is still inside of me. My body"s trying to fight it, and also it"s only a matter of time prior to I shed.Morgan: I"ll have June take a look. She"ll offer you some antibiotics. Alicia: I"ve tried all that. Nothing quit it. That"s why I can not help you, Morgan. I can"t be the perchild you need me to be. I don"t know just how much longer I have left.

Alicia being bitten and also cutting her arm off following the blast was harrowing. Watching her desperation as she realized her life could be ending had me on the edge of my seat because Debnam-Carey"s superior performance was so freaking excellent.

Had we watched this scene, and also the artistic pressures omitted her acquiring bitten in the present, it would have actually been a lot more effective. Another considerable concern is that Alicia might have taken the teeth out of the zombie she was so adamant about adhering to.


Who knows, perhaps being bitten has readjusted Alicia in some means in that she has certain abilities. Either that or the fever before from the bite made her make some rash decisions.

Alicia reasoning she"s dying is somepoint different altogether, however. She was currently exposed to radiation on Fear the Walking Dead Seachild 5, however it is much also soon for her to be feeling any type of impacts.

Strand: Well, I check out that you found her. Morgan: I did, and you were right, Victor. She really didn"t desire to view you.

There hregarding be a reason for this storyline, and also offered that they"re placing the many well-known character through the wringer, tbelow will certainly need to be a significant payoff.

Alicia can be dying, but somepoint tells me both she and also Strand will certainly die fighting each other, and also the remainder of the personalities will certainly be break-up across a brand-new area.


Killing off Alicia and also Strand in the same season would certainly be a ballsy relocate, yet it"s tough not to think there will be one more creative recollection via Fear the Walking Dead Seachild 8.

The nuclear apocalypse was intended to be a new beginning for the show, but it feels even more favor the last act of a wider arc, and the display has not utilized the wasteland also in a means that feels essential to proceed through it.

My concept for the even more substantial meaning behind Alicia"s bite and survival is that she"s somejust how immune to bites. It would be incredibly Last of Us, yet it would offer this character a vast objective she need to have been offered periods ago.

The Morgan and Strand also of it all were frustrating. The display did a great job of reinventing Mbody organ on Fear the Walking Dead Seakid 6, and the just significant thing he"s done this seachild is to attempt killing Strand.


He didn"t also carry out a wonderful project of it. Tright here is so a lot wasted potential here that it wouldn"t be a shocker if Lennie James exited the show to emphasis on various other tasks.

Strand also is a decent enough villain, however he demands to be more ruthmuch less towards the personalities we understand and love to totally drive home the fact that he is, you understand, a villain.

Alicia, I"m sorry. I didn"t understand you were with him. Don"t perform it.


Another huge problem is the Will of it all. How freaking stupid was it to assume that Will"s corpse would miraculously pop up in those final scenes?

It would certainly have actually been way even more impactful if Strand also preserved the zombified version of Alicia"s lover in the Tower to display her just how much he"s turned into this villain.

As points stand also, it"s difficult to be excited around the second half of Fear the Walking Dead Seakid 7.

The present did the majority of excellent on Fear the Walking Dead Seachild 6 to carry the present ago from the doldrums, however it has actually all been squandered this seachild with unalso storytelling.

Morgan: You are going to gain us killed. Man: Hey, sheight. Move aget and I will shoot you. Alicia: What perform you think they"re going to do?

Many of the characters who were as soon as at the forefront have been relegated to the sidelines. Luciana and also Daniel could also be billed extras at this phase.

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The only means of genuinely salvaging the display is to bring someone like Angela Kang into the mix or someone new entirely.