Now that the Walking Dead has reverted for this second component of its 11th seaboy, it appears like the writers chose to slow things down a little and perform some character building for this 10th episode. Not that that’s a poor thing, but I need to admit that it was nice to view even more of what led as much as that crazy ending from episode 9.

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Let’s get right into this episode a little bit more deeply.

Be mindful that this short article includes significant spoilers for The Walking Dead Seachild 11, Episode 10: New Haunts.

This one began out with a bit of a head-scratcher. Judith and Daryl are walking via a hallmethod through zombies moaning all roughly them, however then we find out that the zombies are simply component of a haunted house at The Republic. Too soon, guys. Too shortly.

But as showrunner Angela Kang pointed out in this episode’s synopsis at the finish, it’s as if these civilization made zombies right into a joke, and that simply proves just how safe The Commonwealth really is. Or is it?

This opening additionally mirrors just how vital the human being of The Republic treat their festivals and celebrations. “It was also even more unsettling than Alexandria was to our people once they initially came in,” Kang remarks.

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At this point, we’re at Day 30 for Daryl, Carol, and also a lot of of the other survivors at their new house. They seem to be settling in well, yet there’s still that underlying suspicion (particularly from Carol) concerning what this location is all around.

While we haven’t yet seen anypoint from the folks who stayed ago at Alexandria, there was a brief cite of Maggie and Lydia remaining back. From the scene at the end of episode 9, we also witnessed that Elijah continued to be back also. Hopecompletely we acquire to watch more from their side on the following episode.

Overall, this episode was about recording up with the folks at The Commonwealth (like Princess, Ezekiel, and also Yumi), and also showing how the new recruits (Daryl, Carol, Judith, Connie, Rosita, etc.) are coping via the brand-new rules of this crazy tvery own that opeprices almost choose the zombie apocalypse never before occurred.

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One facet of that apocalyptic denial is the town’s federal government, led by Governor Pamela Milton. We obtain a glimpse of Gov. Milton’s interactivity with the citizens when she comes out handing cotton candy to everyone, smiling from ear to ear the whole time. People seem to like Gov. Milton, right? Well, we’ll gain to that in a little.

Lance is likewise a good example of someone that is all smiles, yet you deserve to simply smell the slime on him. At one suggest, we get to watch how easily corruptible he is as soon as Carol offers him a situation of his favorite wine in exadjust for a much better location on the surgical treatment list for Ezekiel to treat his cancer. This is yet another instance of exactly how Carol remains one of the a lot of powerful personalities on this present since the start.

And even Daryl is making friends! Throughout his training duration through the soldiers, Mercer scolds Daryl for the method he fails the team-building exercises. Daryl is a lone wolf, and Mercer isn’t crazy around that, however I feel prefer Mercer has somepoint up his sleeve with Daryl. This is specifically evident when he later on sends out Daryl out on a solo mission to capture a rogue soldier.

So let’s talk about that rogue soldier, bereason it introduces a totality brand-new problem to the present.

During an intricate masquerade ball, a previous soldier called Travis Davis (that has actually been demoted to the wait staff) expresses his hatred of Pamela Milton and the totality government of The Republic. He grabs the governor’s assistant and takes her hostage with a knife before fleeing external. Daryl catches up to him and areas him under arrest (if just Rick can view him now!), yet he hands him over to Sebastian Milton (the governor’s spoiled brat son) to insurance claim the capture. That’s probably a wise relocate on Daryl’s part, considering he always appears to have actually a targain on his earlier.

When Davis is led earlier through the party, he has his final words to the governor and the whole gathering of elites: “You think obtaining rid of me solves anything? Tbelow are thousands even more favor me. Resist the Commonwealth! Visibility for workers! Equality for all!”

“Are tbelow thousand also more?” Governor Milton concerns.

An underlying message in this episode seems to emphasis on this totality caste system that’s in location, also in the time of the fall of society. We especially check out it via Magna in her waitress job (that she had before the apocalypse) and Yumi in her shady high profile lawyer task.

And ultimately, at the end of the episode, we see that it’s 3 days later when Rosita leads a team to infiltprice Travis Davis’ home. They uncover a covert room via anti-Republic propaganda and Rosita looks worried around what kind of rebellion is actually boiling up under this tvery own.

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So Daryl is a bootlicker, Carol is a wolf in Martha Stewart clothing, Princess and also Mercer might hook up, and Rosita is unexpectedly a detective. What a crazy episode.