Celebrated hip-hop recording artist Michel’le will certainly soptimal up and sheight out about the darker side of Compton hip-hop as she narrates the Lifetime Original Movie, “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le,” based on her life story, premiering Saturday, October 15 at 8PM ET/PT. The first lady of Ruthless Records, that triumphed over a life riddled through abuse and adversity, is all set to share her story through the world. Produced by Sony Pictures Television and also Thinkmanufacturing facility Media, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le stars Rhyon Nicole Brown (“Lincoln Heights”) as Michel’le, newcomer Curtis Hamilton as Dr. Dre and also R. Marcos Taylor, that reprises his role as Suge Knight after having starred as the music executive in last year’s attribute film, “Straight Outta Compton.” Jamie Kennedy (“Scream,” “Malibu’s Most Wanted”) also stars as music manager Jerry Heller.

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Disspanned at a young age, the shy, squeaky-voiced Michel’le (Brown) was plucked directly from South Central, Los Angeles and catapulted right into the spotlight while riding N.W.A.’s rocket ride of early success. Surrounded by sector visionaries from Eazy-E to Tupac Shakur, Michel’le conveniently climbed the charts; yet, her musical successes were soon overshadowed by betrayal and also corruption. A nearly decade-long romance through the infamous Dr. Dre (Hamilton) pumelted her right into a life tarniburned by alcohol, drugs and also violence until her savior came in the unlikely form of Suge Knight (Taylor), co-founder of Death Row Records and also Dre’s company partner. Friendship would revolve right into a courtly romance, but the union Michel’le believed they had actually did not end happily-ever-after. With youngsters from both males and also a career to protect, Michel’le’s voice ended up being silenced by Compton’s greatest power players. Until currently.

“Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le” is developed for Lifetime by Sony Pictures Television and Thinkmanufacturing facility Media. Leslie Greif executive produces. The film also furthers Lifetime’s Broad Focus mission of hiring and sustaining female creatives behind the electronic camera, via writing by Dianne Houston (Take The Lead), directing by Janice Cooke (“One Tree Hill,” “UnREAL”), costumes by Jonetta Boon (“The Notebook”), casting by Fern Champion (“Hatfields & McCoys”), Leah Daniels (Empire) and Sharon Lieblein (“Million Dollar Quartet”), and creating by Kathryn Bostic (“Dear White People”), among others.

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