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Some users reported that the Waiting for game to exit message prevented them from entering Battlefield 3.You have the right to try making use of a different internet browser suitable for games.Check your antivirus solution, as it might interfere via certain games.Clear cookies and cache from your internet browser by following our guide below.

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Systems 2 – End Battlefield 3 process

As we already pointed out, Waiting for game to exit message normally shows up in your browser when you attempt to pick a game to join in Battlearea 3. According to customers, you have the right to deal with this trouble ssuggest by ending the Battlefield 3 procedure in Task Manager.

This is actually quite straightforward, and you deserve to perform it by adhering to these steps:

Wait for the Waiting for game to exit message to appear. Don’t cshed your browser.Close Task Manager, go ago to your internet browser and you have to have the ability to pick a server without any type of difficulties.

This is simply a workaround, but it functions according to customers, so feel free to attempt it. Bear in mind that you’ll need to repeat this solution whenever you acquire Waiting for game to exit message.

Equipment 3 – Check your antivirus

If you’re obtaining Waiting for game to exit message while trying to start Battlefield 3, the worry could be your antivirus. Sometimes antivirus software can interfere through particular games, and that have the right to lead to this and many kind of various other errors. To resolve the trouble, be sure that Battlearea 3 and also its installation brochure are included to the list of exclusions in your antivirus. Also, make certain that Battlefield 3 is enabled via your firewall.

If those settings are in order, you have the right to attempt disabling certain antivirus attributes and check if that helps. Conversely, you have the right to totally disable your antivirus and check if that solves the difficulty. In the worst-situation scenario, you could have to remove your antivirus completely. Even if you select to rerelocate your antivirus, you’ll still be defended by Windows Defender, so there’s no must concern about your safety and security.

If removing the antivirus solves the problem, perhaps this is a perfect time to consider switching to a various antivirus. Many kind of antivirus applications have a Gaming Mode attribute that will certainly optimize your antivirus settings for gaming and also proccasion any kind of antivirus interference.

Equipment 4 – Temporarily log out of your Origin account

If you’re obtaining Waiting for game to exit while trying to discover a Battlearea 3 game, the problem could be regarded your Origin account. Sometimes there could be some glitches or syncing concerns that can cause this difficulty.

The fastest means to deal with those concerns is to temporarily log out of Origin. Once you log out, wait for a few moments and log earlier in. After doing that, try to begin Battlearea 3 aobtain and also inspect if the worry is still there.

Systems 5 – Close PunkBuster

If you’re having worries with Waiting for game to exit message, the difficulty can be regarded PunkBuster. Battlefield 3 uses PunkBuster anti-cheating organization, and also occasionally this company deserve to stop you from joining a server.

To solve this difficulty, users are saying to open up Task Manager and close PunkBuster. Simply look for PnkBstrA.exe process and also end it. After doing that, you should be able to join any kind of server with ease. Bear in mind that you need to have PunkBuster running in order to play Battlearea 3, so be certain to begin it aget prior to you sign up with a server.

This is a simple workroughly, and you’ll have to repeat it whenever this concern appears.

Solution 6 – Launch the game as administrator

Not having governmental privileges can sometimes be an concern, and it have the right to bring about various difficulties. If you’re getting Waiting for game to exit message, it’s feasible that the absence of bureaucratic privileges is causing this issue.

To inspect if administrative privileges are the difficulty, you deserve to attempt running the application as an administrator. This is quite basic, and also you have the right to perform it by following these steps:

Locate Battlearea 3 shortcut and right-click it.

If this approach functions, you’ll need to repeat it eexceptionally time you want to begin Battlearea. You have the right to also set Battlearea 3 to constantly run via bureaucratic privileges. To do that, follow these steps:

After doing that, you have the right to use this shortcut to start Battlefield 3, and the game will certainly always begin via bureaucratic privileges.

Solution 7 – Close the internet browser and also attempt to sign up with the server again

As we abovementioned, you usage your internet browser in order to pick a server in Battlearea 3, and periodically certain glitches deserve to take place that have the right to cause Waiting for game to exit message. To solve this difficulty, you must execute the following:

Start the game and also try to pick a server.You must currently watch Waiting for game to leave Click the server icon a few times as well the Join Server button.Now close your browser.Start Battlefield 3 from Origin and pick the server.Click the Join Server switch and that’s it.

Several individuals reported that this approach works, yet bear in mind that this is just a workabout, so you’ll must perdevelop it eincredibly time you want to start the game.

Equipment 8 – Click the X switch beside the waiting bar

According to customers, you might be able to resolve this trouble ssuggest by clicking the X icon next to the waiting bar. When you try to join a server, you can watch a waiting bar. As quickly as the bar appears, click X beside it. Now click the Rejoin the server switch and that’s it.

This is a strange workabout, but numerous users reported that it functions, so feel complimentary to attempt it out.

Systems 9 – Clear cookies and also cache in your browser

As we abovementioned, Battlearea 3 depends on your web browser to pick a server. However before, if tbelow are any issues through your internet browser, such as a difficulty with cache or cookies, you might suffer Waiting for game to exit message.

To fix this trouble, individuals are arguing to clear your browser cache. This is fairly simple to carry out, and also you can carry out it by adhering to these steps:

After a pair of moments, the cache will be cleared. Once the procedure is finiburned, try to start the game and also check if the problem is still tbelow.

If you don’t desire to clear the cache manually, you have the right to always use third-party tools such as CCleaner to clean the cache in all your browsers concurrently. In addition to clearing the cache, this tool deserve to additionally remove old and junk papers to speed up your COMPUTER, so you could desire to try it out.

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Waiting for the game to leave the message in Battlearea 3 deserve to be a large difficulty, however we hope that you’ve controlled to settle this problem utilizing one of our services.