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"The Goldfish (Let"s Go Swimming)" by The Laurie Berkner Band (20th Anniversary Edition)

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#stayhome and move #withmeThis classic Laurie Berkner Band song for kids features some very silly fish who want to take showers, ride their bicycles, and brush their teeth. But - wait a minute! We"re fish! Let"s go swimming! Join the whole band as they act out the song in the bottom of the ocean.Get Laurie Berkner: The Dance Remixes album now: Berkner Shop:, T-shirts, toys, news, and more info:http://www.LaurieBerkner.comCheck out our Facebook! out Laurie"s Twitter! out our Pinterest Page! out our Instagram! of little fish were sleeping on a rock in the bottom of the ocean.They lifted up their heads and they shook ot their tails and they said let’s go swimming.ChorusLet’s go swimming. Let’s go swimmingYeah let’s go swimming. Let’s go swimmingLet’s go swimming in the bottom of the ocean.Bridge:Then the little fish got so very very tired.But they came back to the rock.They put down their heads and they put down their tailsand they took a little nap.And when they woke up. They were a little bit dirty. So they took a shower.And they washed their hair and they washed their ears. And they washedtheir tummies and they washed their very long fishy beards.And they washed their noses. And they washed their toeses.And then they said wait a minute we’re fish. We don’t take showersChorus and BridgeAnd When they woke up. They decided to ride their bicycles.So they rode to the left and they rode to the right.And road all daaaaay and they rode all night night night night night.And they rode down the hill and then faster stilland then they said. Wait a minute we’re fish we don’t ride bicycles.Chorus and BridgeAnd when they woke up. They decided to brush their teeth.So they got out their toothbrush. And their toothpaste.And they squeezed a little on.They really liked the taste. Then they put it in their mouth.They brushed north and south.Chuka chee chukka chee Chuka chee chukka chee. And then they saidwait a minute, we’re fish, we don’t brush our teeth.Chorus 2XCredit: Goth666moran via Deviant Art for Seaweed Brushes: