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Fortnite Chapter 2 carries onward to Week 6 through Hide and also Seek Challenges. In this guide, we detail the best method to visit 5 Landmarks in a solitary match. If you"re working in the direction of that Battle Pass skin over the following few weeks, this is one fairly easy task worth figuring out. It does not take a lot skill, and also all the locations are a little bit closer than one can think.

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Fortnite Visit Landmarks in a single match

Landmarks are a new feature included in Fortnite Chapter 2, and they"re marked on the Battle Royale map as mini cities in in between the conventional named places. Many type of of these Landmarks have actually already been used in challenges for prior weeks, however here"s a complete list for those still acquiring acquainted with the brand-new play space for Seakid 11.


Landmarks are points of interest in in between named places. Visit five in a tingle match to gain crmodify for the Hide and also Seek Challenge. "Fortnite" is obtainable currently on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, COMPUTER and mobile.Epic GamesTo get crmodify for the challenge, ssuggest visit 5 of the spots on the maps noted listed below in a solitary enhance. Make note of Landmarks that are close to one another, and take the path that meshes finest with the circle of a provided round.

1) Locke"s Lighthouse: On the coastline northwest of Pleasant Park.



The place of the Crash SiteEpic Games3) Risky Reels: In the circular clearing of trees west of Frenzy Farm.


The place of Riskies ReelsEpic Games4) EGO Science Station: On the beach coast west of Pleasant Park.


The place of the EGO Science StationEpic Games5) Hillheight House: On a hill northeastern of Pleasant Park.

The location of the Hillpeak HouseEpic Games6) Homely Hills: The team of houses north of Pleasant Park and west of Craggy Cliffs.

The area of the EGO BarracksEpic GamesFor our money, Pleasant Park seems favor the most Landmark-well-off landing area adhered to by Sweaty Sands. Just engage in a few battles at those locations, and also you must have actually no problem figuring out exactly how to end up this Hide and also Seek Challenge. We"ve provided all 10 areas, however you only must visit five in a solitary match to gain it done. That"s all you need to know about visiting Landmarks in Fortnite.

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Fortnite is accessible currently on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, COMPUTER and also mobile. The Hide and also Seek Challenges are live currently.

Were you able to visit five Landmarks in a single match? Which of these Landmarks is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section! magazine ceded to your doorUnlimited access to lutz-heilmann.infoAd free experienceiOS and also Android app accessPersonalized everyday newsletter
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