This is the ultimate guide for making use of social media to gain your ex boyfrifinish back.

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I want to be clear around somepoint.

This is NOT your average “use social media to acquire your ex back” post.

I’ve invested the previous ten years coming up through seven core rules that deserve to be applied across just about eexceptionally social media platcreate.

Yep, I’m talking about the substantial ones favor,


So, if you’re looking to learn exactly how to use social media after a breakup you’re going to love my seven core rules.

Don’t Unfriend Or Block Your Ex After A BreakupAdbelow To The Five Classification Article RuleEnsure That You Are Consistent With Your PostsDon’t Be Afrhelp To Use Subtle JealousyDon’t Overreact Over “Likes” and also “Comments”Eextremely Picture You Message Should Use The Two Thirds RuleMake Sure That Eextremely Picture Shows You Outflourishing Your Ex

Let’s gain after it!


Anvarious other thing that I haven’t mentioned so much is look how well this photos are lit.

The average perchild isn’t acquainted with the two thirds rule and they don’t light their images properly yet if you are strict about adhering to these ethics you’re going to discover that every one of a sudden you have actually among the best social media prorecords out of all of your friends.

Rule #7: Make Sure That Eincredibly Picture Shows You Outflourishing Your Ex

I started Ex Boyfrifinish Recoexceptionally in 2012 and also in some means the majority of the “strategies” have adjusted.

In various other methods none of them have actually.

Take the no contact preeminence as an instance.

We supplied to talk around the no call dominion as if it was this rule wright here you ignored your ex and also they in turn would certainly miss you. However, after years of seeing it into exercise we pertained to realize that, that’s not really exactly how it functions at all.

Sure, it have the right to make your ex miss you but in the end what matters more than anything is your ability to outgrow your ex.

Yet once I say “outgrow” your ex I’m not technically talking about forobtaining them and also moving on. Sure, those are facets that deserve to aid you outthrive them yet inevitably what I discover a lot of civilization absence is a function outside of their ex.

Upon interviewing our success stories and also asking them what they think made the greatest distinction in acquiring their exes ago practically every one of them proclaimed that they thought their capacity to move past their ex was essential.

Diving deeper right into this perspective I asked if it was possible to “fake” this mentality and nearly every one of them declared that it wasn’t.

This leads us to social media.

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Whenever before you write-up something on social media I don’t desire you to do it for your ex. Instead, I desire you to do it for you.