Bomb detonated at airport gate where US Marines were screening Afghan civilians, ISIL gunmen opened fire, basic says.

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Afghans struggle to reach foreign forces to display their credentials to flee the nation
At leastern 13 US soldiers were among scores of human being killed in two assaults at Kabul’s airport on Thursday, US officials sassist.

More than 70 Afghans, including 28 Taliban members, were counted among the dead after the twin bombings and also shootings that were asserted by ISIL, Taliban and also hospital sources told Al Jazeera.

It is believed to be the a lot of US troops killed in Afghanistan in a solitary event given that 30 personnel passed away once a helicopter was shot down in August 2011.

“A thirteenth US business member has died from his wounds suffered as an outcome of the assault on Abbey Gate,” Central Command spokesguy Captain Bill Urban sassist in a statement.

Regardless of the attack, Marine Corps General Kenneth McKenzie Jr, commander of the US Central Command, shelp that the US is “continuing to execute the mission,” to evacuate US citizens and also as many kind of Afghans, that have actually documents to leave the country.

“Our mission is to evacuate US citizens or third-country nationals, especially immiprovide visa holders, US embassy staff and Afghans at risk,” McKenzie.

Earlier, 2 US officials told The Associated Press that of the 12 initially eliminated, 11 were Marines and also one a Navy medic. Information around the 13th fatality is still not easily accessible.

The US presently has 5,800 troops at the airport in Kabul functioning to evacuate hundreds of US citizens, Afghans and also others.

Injured world being lugged to a hospital as a number of casualties reported after two explosions outside Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 26, 2021

The apparent self-destruction vest assault emerged at the Abbey Gate to the airport wbelow US forces were screening Afghan civilians for admission to the airport, McKenzie said.

McKenzie said “ISIS gunmen” additionally had actually opened up fire on the crowds and US forces after the bomb detonated.

The US army casualties are the first Amerideserve to deaths from hostile action considering that February 2020 once 2 Military one-of-a-kind forces soldiers were eliminated in an green-on-blue insider attack by an Afghan soldier.

Eleven US service members were eliminated in 2020 and also 24 in 2019 bringing the complete of US armed forces fatalities in Afghanistan to 2,218 because the US attacked after the September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda strikes, according to the Defense Department.

More than 71,000 Afghan civilians and 66,000 Afghan armed forces and police forces have actually been eliminated in the war, according to Brvery own University and the Broomonarchs Institution, which have actually tracked the data.

Two bombs were detonated by evident self-destruction bombers near the Abbey Gate to the airport wbelow Afghans were lining up to enter the US-secured airport. The second bomb was close to the Baron Hotel where many kind of British citizens had been awaiting evacuation.

“The affect of these blasts has actually been astronomical,” sassist Rossella Miccio, president of Emergency, a non-governpsychological medical help group.

Emergency employees had obtained about 60 wounded Afghan civilians through multiple injuries of shattered limbs, fractured bones and also projectile wounds and six dead, Miccio told Al Jazeera.

Responsibility for the bombings initially was being attributed to an ISIS (ISIL) group affiliate in Afghanistan, recognized as the Islamic State in Khorasan Province, ISKP (ISIS-K), which thrived out of disaffected Taliban members that hold harder-line views, an unnamed US official told The Associated Press.

“If we deserve to discover who is associated via this we will go after them,” McKenzie sassist.

“We are functioning incredibly difficult ideal now to discover who’s linked via this.”

ISIL claimed obligation for the strike on a website, according to AFP news business and also in an Arabic language telegram channel reregarded by Al Jazeera figured out the bomber by name.

Others cautioned versus drawing conclusions around the source of the assaults.

“While it is too early to attract any conclusions about those responsible, ISIS-K had a clear impetus to disrupt our initiatives to evacuate many kind of 10s of thousands of human being,” Representative Adam Schiff, chairman of the Housage of Representatives Intelligence Committee, shelp in a statement earlier in the day.

Tbelow had been multiple main warnings from the US and UK of a potential bomb strike on crowds trying to acquire into the airport.

The White House said 13,400 world were evacuated in the 24 hours that finished early Thursday morning on, US East Coast time, a substantial drop from the 19,000 airlifted by all suggests the day prior to.

President Joe Biden, that has come under criticism in the US Congress for the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan as US troops withattracted, was being briefed by his nationwide protection team at the White House on Thursday.

“As we wait for even more details to come in, one point is clear: We can’t trust the Taliban with Americans’ defense,” Senator Bob Menendez, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foregime Relations Committee, shelp in a tweet.

I strongly & forcecompletely condemn today’s explosions external of the Kabul airport targeting US citizens, personnel, & breakable Afghans trying to flee Afghanistan. 

As we wait for more details to come in, one thing is clear: We can’t trust the Taliban with Americans’ protection.

— Senate Foreign Relations Committee (
SFRCdems) August 26, 2021

How Biden will respond and whether the bombing will certainly influence the US evacuation and planned August 31 withdrawal is unclear.

The first meeting between Biden and new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett scheduled for Thursday was delayed for a day and also a virtual meeting in between Biden and state governors to discuss resettling Afghan refugees was cancelled.

Biden has actually formerly warned the Taliban that the US would certainly respond via force if US personnel conducting the evacuation of US citizens and also Afghan civilians from the airport were assaulted.

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“As we lug out this exit, we have actually made it clear to the Taliban: If they strike our personnel or disrupt our operation, the US existence will certainly be swift and also the response will be swift and forceful. We will defend our civilization through damaging pressure if crucial,” Biden said on August 16 at the White House.