Have you ever before tried to use lip liner from a dull pencil? It renders your makeup program even harder. The last point you want is to ruin your flawmuch less look via a dull lip pencil. Maybe your liner was plastic and also you didn’t know exactly how to sharpen it. Lucky for you, we know all about sharpening plastic lip liner.

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The ideal sharpener for pencil-style plastic lip liner is a sharpener particularly designed for plastic makeup pencils. Many eyeliner and also lip liner sharpeners at the drug stores are created wood. These are not the ideal choice for plastic pencils. Once you have actually the correct sharpener, you sharpen plastic lip liner the same means you would certainly sharpen any kind of various other makeup pencil. 

You more than likely have some even more concerns about plastic lip liner. Keep analysis to learn some beneficial tips and tricks and alternate techniques for sharpening plastic lip liner. You’ll never before need to use dull lip liner again!


What Is Plastic Lip Liner?


Many lip liners are either wooden or plastic. This implies the pigment you use to your lips is either encased in a wooden pencil or a plastic pencil. Plastic lip liner refers to the liners encased in plastic.

Many type of wooden and plastic lip liners look equivalent. If you are casually shopping and also pick up a new liner on a whim, you might not even realize you bought a plastic liner.

Unless you thoroughly study the product you want to buy, it might not be evident simply from looking at a snapshot of the liner or viewing it through a plastic case. You might also think it’s a wooden pencil until you attempt to sharpen it with your normal sharpener and turn your priceless lip liner right into a mangled mess.

How To Sharpen Lip Liner That Is Plastic 

Sometimes a continuous sharpener isn’t enough to create a clean sharp point on plastic lip liners. Let’s look at the ideal kind of sharpeners as well as some valuable tricks to make the process much easier.

Use A Double-Blade Sharpener

If you don’t already have actually a double-blade makeup sharpener, you must get one for plastic lip liners. Plastic is more difficult to sharpen than wood. This isn’t bereason plastic is more powerful however simply because plastic is softer. Strong blades are designed for hardwood, yet they have the right to tear up plastic pencils.

These double blade sharpeners have actually a primary and additional blade mechanism. The additional blade enhances sharpening to produce cleaners tips and also smoother edges. Having two sharp chisels rather of one solid blade is better for sharpening plastic. Plastic pencils are sharpened quicker and cleaner through double blade devices.

Glo Skin Beauty Pencil Sharpener


Here is a wonderful double-blade sharpener. This German-designed tool minimizes waste, so your lip liner lasts longer. Also, you deserve to choose to sharpen to a rounded or pointed tip. Whether you want a characterized pout or a smooth natural look, you have the right to form your liner to supply the perfect outcomes with this sharpener.

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Use A Single-Blade Sharpener 

It is possible to sharpen plastic lip liner with single-blade sharpeners. Just remember that double-blade sharpeners work-related much better. With single-blade sharpeners, tright here is a high chance your lip liner will certainly come out ruined, not sharp, or jagged.

If you desire to usage a single-blade sharpener, make certain it is a high-quality, long lasting sharpener. You need a sharpener via a really sharp— however not too strong—blade to sharpen plastic properly.

Lord & Berry Jumbo Makeup Pencil Sharpener 


Here is a terrific single-blade lip liner sharpener. It is especially designed for large pencils yet accommodates pencils of all sizes. It is sharp enough to delicately sharpen plastic lip liner without destroying or breaking it. Tright here is also a cleaning pick had, so you have the right to clear out residue after you sharpen your pencils.

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Tips And Tricks For Sharpening Plastic Lip Liner 

Now that you understand what kind of sharpener you need to use for plastic lip liner, let’s look at some beneficial tips and tricks to make sharpening even less complicated.

Put Your Lip Liner In The Freezer

Freezing makeup before you apply it sounds absurd, however we promise this works! Ssuggest place your lip liner in a freezer for 15 to 30 minutes. Then, take it out, and sharpen it. The cold helps the pigment harden, so your sharpener creates a smovarious other reduced. Remember not to leave your liner in the freezer for also long. A half an hour is sufficient to help via the sharpening procedure.

In instance you are a skeptic around lip liner in basic, examine out this post: Do You Really Need Lip Liner? 

Clean Your Sharpener Regularly 

It is crucial to sanitize your makeup pencil sharpener routinely. Makeup buildup happens easily. These layers of old makeup inside your liner sharpener interfere via the sharpening procedure. A dirty sharpener filled with makeup residue won’t give you the sharpening results you are looking for.

Luckily, cleaning makeup sharpeners is incredibly easy. All you need is rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

First, dip a clean cotton swab in rubbing alcohol till it is soaked. Then, wipe down the inside and outside of your sharpener. Repeat as needed until you no longer watch makeup residue when you wipe the sharpener via the cotton swab. We recommend doing this at leastern as soon as a week. It helps the liner sharpening process and also helps prevent infection from bacteria.

Test Liner On Your Hand

Before you use your lip liner, test it on the back of your hand also. Draw a small line to check out exactly how smooth and also even it is. This is specifically useful if you don’t have actually a good sharpener. Because your makeup pencils may be also sharp or jagged, you deserve to form the guideline by illustration back and also forth till the liner is smooth.

How Do You Sharpen Your Lip Liner Without A Sharpener?

If you uncover yourself without a makeup sharpener, tright here are a couple of ways you can sharpen lip liner without one. However before, it is constantly best to use a sharpener. They are much better at sharpening and also safer to use.

X-Acto Knife 

If you take place to have actually an x-acto knife, you deserve to use it to sharpen lip liner pencils. Apply push in the direction of the pointer of the pencil in a downward movement. Make certain to move the blade amethod from you. Be exceptionally careful, as these knives are extremely sharp.

No 1 Precision Knife 


Here is an X-acto knife. This nitrate-coated blade is very sharp and supposed for cloth, paper, thin steel, and also plastic. It will certainly sharpen your makeup pencil, but be incredibly careful.

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If you can’t find your makeup sharpener, you can most likely find a pair of scissors. In a pinch, this will certainly sharpen lip liner pencils too. Carefully area the pencil head in between the blades. Then, gently shave amethod the guideline till you have a suggest. Again, remember to be incredibly mindful and don’t apply extreme force.

Scotch Precision Scissors

Here is a great pair of scissors. It’s constantly great to have actually some in your house, and in a bind, you have the right to always sharpen your makeup pencils via them.

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Regular Pencil Sharpener

You deserve to also use a normal handheld pencil sharpener on makeup pencils. However before, these pencil sharpeners are even more likely to waste and break your makeup liners. Only usage them in emergencies.

Sorillo Pencil Sharpener 


Here is an affordable pencil sharpener you have the right to use for makeup. Just don’t mean perfect outcomes, and also obtain a makeup pencil sharpener as soon as possible.

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What Is The Difference Between Lipstick And Lip Crayon?

Lip crayons and also lipstick both include a pop of color to your lips. However, lip crayons are even more similar to tinted lip balms than lipstick. They are creamier and also normally come in a chunky stick. Lipstick has actually even more pigment in it and comes in a wider variety of colors. It is generally packaged in a tube with a lid.

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Can Lip Pencil Be Used As Lipstick?

Yes, you deserve to usage a lip liner pencil as impromptu lipstick. First, use the liner as normal. Then, use a small amount on your lips and also blfinish the liner by rubbing it via your finger. This will certainly develop a soft matte result.

Never before Have Dull Lip Liner Again

We hope this guide aided you better understand plastic lip liner. And currently that you know just how to sharpen plastic lip liner, all your makeup pencils will be all set for action!