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upside down - in an inverted manner; "package was lying on the floor upside down"

1. inverted, overturned, upturned, on its head, bottom up, wrong side up Tony had actually an upside-dvery own map of Britain on his wall.
2. (Informal) perplexed, disordered, chaotic, muddled, jumbled, in disarray, in chaos, topsy-turvy, in confusion, higgledy-piggledy (informal), in disorder the upside-dvery own type of life that we"ve had
revolve somepoint upside down ransack, search, go through, comb, scour, rummage with, rake with, turn somepoint inside out, fossick through (Austral. & N.Z.) I"ve turned the location upside dvery own, but cannot find it.
adv → verkehrt herum; the monessential was hanging upside down → der Affe hing verkehrt herum or mit dem Kopf nach unten; to revolve somepoint upside down (lit) → etw umdrehen; (fig) → etw auf den Kopf stellen (inf); once my daughter was born my people turned upside down → als meine Tochter geboren wurde, wurde mein Leben auf den Kopf gestellt
1. adv (person) → a testa in giù; (object) → alla rovescia, sottosoprato turn upside dvery own → capovolgere (mattress) → rivoltare (fig) → mettere sottosopra or a soqquadro
adj (person) → a testa in giù; (object) → capovolto/athe room was upside dvery own (in disorder) → la stanza era tutta sottosopra or a soqquadro
via the peak component underneath. The plate was lying upside dvery own on the floor. onderstebo مَقْلوب наопаки de pernas para o ar převráceně verkehrt herum omvendt ανάποδαboca abajo, al revés tagurpidi وارونه؛ پشت و رو ylösalaisin à l"enversהפוך उलटा-पुलटा, औंधा naopačke felfordítva terbalik á hvolfi capovolto, rovesciato さかさまに 거꾸로하다 aukštielninkai ačgārni; ar kājām gaisā; otrādi terbalik onderstebovenopp ned, med bunnen i væretcarry out góry nogami مخ او شاته de pernas para o ar invers, cu susul în jos вверх дном obrátený prekucnjen naopačke uppochner คว่ำลง baş aşağı 顛倒,亂七八糟 догори ногами اوپر تلے lộn ngược, đảo lộn 颠倒,乱七八糟
2. into confusion. The burglars turned the house upside down. deurmekaar رأسا على عَقِب، فَوْضى с главата надолу de pernas para o ar vzhůru nohama drunter und drüber på hovedet άνω κάτω patas arriba segamini نامرتب mullin mallin sens dessus dessous תוֹהוּ וַבוֹהוּ बिखेर देना naopačke a feje tetején v. tetejére mengacak-acak á hvolf, í óreiðu a soqquadro めちゃくちゃに 혼란시키다 aukštyn kojomis nekārtībā; juku jukām tunggang-terbalik overhoopi vill forvirring, satt på hodetperform góry nogami نا منظم de pernas para o ar cu fundul în sus вверх тормашками hore nohami na glavo haotično uppochner ทำให้สับสนวุ่นวาย altüst 混亂 шкереберть, перевертом درہم برہم hoàn toàn lộn xộn 混乱

upside down

→ رَأْساً عَلَى عَقِب, مَقْلُوبٌ رَأْساً عَلَى عَقِب převrácený, vzhůru nohama på hovedet auf den Kopf gestellt, verkehrt herum ανάποδα, ανάποδος al revés ylösalaisin à l’envers, à l"envers naopačke sottosopra さかさまの, 逆さまに 거꾸로, 거꾸로의 onderstebrange opp ned, opp-ned execute góry nogami ao contrário, de cabeça para baixo вверх дном, перевернутый upp och ner, uppochned คว่ำลง พลิกบนลงล่าง, พลิกเอาด้านบนลงล่าง baş aşağı chổng ngược, lộn ngược 倒置的, 颠倒
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ENPNewswire-August 6, 2019--KBRA Releases Structured Credit Research - Structured Things: The UpsideDown Yield Curves
I have actually watched, along the street, bees seemingly drunken upsidedvery own on the floor, I think that this is fairly normal as soon as the bees have actually been gorging on some high nectar producing plants.
one Info The avocaexecute is a great source of omega 3, the strawberries carry out vitamin C and a organize of other nutrients, and quinoa is high in protein.Info This dish is recognized as bol renverse - a creole term meaning upsidedown bowl.
Daniel Nicholson, 46, and also Joel Snarr, 35, that were travelling in various cars as the aircraft plunged on to the A40 yesterday, pulled the pilot and 2 passengers from the blazing upsidedvery own wreck.
"When he was diagnosed via aplastic anaemia at the begin of the year, our civilization was turned upsidedown.
As the periods revolve upsidedvery own and it"s also than usual harder to dress for the Scottish weather, we look at what this month"s unseasonably high temperatures suppose.
"No life threatening injuries" in M25 crash which closed motormeans for even more than 2 hours; The M25 was closed at junction 6 for many of Sunday morning (November 25)
Now, there"s an eye-recording design language inherited from the compact Kona SUV, which sees a bold "Cascading" grille flanked by the now-signature "upsidedown" headlamp design.

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