Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick are a new four shade irreversible chubby blush and also lip pencil that introduced recently for the Spring 2015 season. I love the idea behind multitasking, time conserving commodities but I don’t constantly love actually utilizing them in the way they were designed. Like a cheek and also lip pencil sounds favor such a time saver and so handy to have in my purse for quickie touch ups but my germ-a-phobic excellent nature has actually me slightly curling my lip up at the principle of using one product on both my lips and my cheeks!

Ya know?

But none the much less the Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick actually turned out to be a one trick pony (I don’t like they method they wear on my lips so cheeks it is!) which conserves me from unfortunately having actually to usage them on both my cheeks and my lips.

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Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick at a glance remind of Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Cheek Colour Balm! These are a chubby swivel up pencil through a dome shape that you can swipe onto cheeks conveniently, blend out, and also go! Love no nonsense beauty!

They are $10 each yet Ulta has actually SO many type of sales on their product line that you’ll never before pay that much for them (Right now they are Buy 2, Get 2 Free so that’s a steal best there)

These have actually a smooth creamy texture that blends conveniently onto my drier skin without clinging to drier areas. They market sheer to medium color pay off and also construct quickly sufficient if you desire a small even more POP! The colors all have actually a soft, smooth finish on skin without looking shiny, feeling greasy or dewy. They collection to slightly powdery texture via a nice little of luminosity without being shimmery or sparkly. I favor just how simple they are to apply! I also love they aren’t straightforward to over do as they look organic no matter exactly how little bit or just how much you apply! Unfortunately, on my drier skin they tend to fade really fast at roughly 2 hours.


Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick Swatches (Punchy and Peachy)



Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick (Peachy)



Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick (Punchy)

I tried them on my lips yet they tfinish to look unherbal, uneven, and with a drier finish. The colors or at leastern the ones I purchased weren’t exceptionally flattering for lip wear nor was the formula.

All in all Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick provides for nice flush of shade on cheeks once you’re in a rush! Or will certainly fit nicely right into your makeup bag must you wish the touch up your blush conveniently and on the fly when out and also around. The wear isn’t fabulous nor is the formula multitasking (I think they look finest on cheeks but not on lips) however they make a nice pick up for traveling or on days you’re going lighter with your makeup!

Ulta Lip & Cheek Color Stick are obtainable now at Ulta and Ulta.com.

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