For folks that are on the go a lot, it’s a great principle to acquire yourself a wiremuch less Bluetooth speaker that you can take via you all over. You have the right to usage it about the residence, in the garden and also even take it to the beach through you as well.

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And if you’re looking at portable speakers, then two that you’ll likely come across are the Boom 3 by UE and the Charge 4 by JBL. They’re two extremely renowned models that have been released newly. However before, they’re a little various to one another in terms of style.

What are the differences in between the UE Boom 3 and also the JBL Charge 4? Well, tright here are a couple of points that you’ll desire to know if you’re reasoning around investing in one or the other.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 vs JBL Charge 4

It can be hard to tell these 2 speakers acomponent. They both have actually a waterproof style, a comparable battery life and a comparable frequency response selection to one an additional.

With the Boom 3, you deserve to benefit from wiremuch less charging via their Power Up charging dock. On the other hand, the JBL Charge 4 most likely has the edge as soon as it involves sound quality. It’s difficult to sepaprice the two, as they’re actually even more equivalent than they are various.

Both Ultimate Ears and also JBL are 2 of the ideal well-known brands once it involves portable Bluetooth speakers. Whilst JBL have a long track record and make speakers of all different shapes, sizes and budgets, Ultimate Ears are experts in wiremuch less speakers, and also they have actually a couple of various models that are pretty decent.

Lets take a look at both of these speakers in closer information, founding via the UE Boom 3.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3


One thing that has been added to the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 to make it a little better is the Magic button. This is what users asked for in newer models, and also to be fair to the firm, they yielded.

It permits you to conveniently attach your tool to the speaker through no hassle, which is a certainly advantage of this version. It deserve to likewise be provided to play and also pause audio also whenever necessary. The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is most likely best recognized for its waterproof style, but that’s not all it has to sell.


From a design perspective, this is among the much better portable speakers out tbelow. It’s lightweight and also basic to bring, and also it’s a good size to conveniently fit right into your backfill too.

The Boom 3 is definitely a lot more attractive than the Charge series, which although perdevelops well, is a little little bit tacky.

Battery Life

The battery life is one location of these speakers where they’re pretty equal to one another. You’re stated to get roughly 20 hrs of battery life from the UE Boom 3, however this is a small over-optimistic. You have the right to charge it using a simple USB-C cable.

This is incredibly comparable to the JBL Charge 4, and you’re only going to watch a minimal distinction between the two.

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Whilst it does pretty a lot every little thing else with perfection, the main criticism of the UE Boom 3 is undoubtedly its sound quality.

Although the sound isn’t poor, once you compare it to the all at once top quality of the Charge 4, it sounds very tinny in comparikid. It can’t cope via delivering bass practically and the Charge.