Two teenagers whose car plunged 75ft dvery own a sheer cliff face onto rocks clambered out of the wreckage - and then had to climb ago up the rocks to raise the alarm.

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Cdental Ogilvie, 17, and also Francesca Blackeven more, 17, were travelling in a Ford Fiesta when it hit wet leaves and also skidded via trees.

The little blue automobile then tumbled off a cliff face - spinning four times and shattering head-initially onto jagged rocks 75ft below.

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Both air bags deployed and all 4 doors swung open up as the vehicle hit the rocky surchallenge.

Miraculously, neither girl was seriously hurt and also both of them clambered out of the vehicle but were unable to gain a mobile phone signal to lutz-heilmann.infontact for aid.

Stranded in pitch darkness, the pals had no choice yet to clamber ago up the cliff until they reached a ledge 30ft from the height wbelow they gained a signal and dialled 999.

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The terrified pair then hugged each various other and also sobbed for 30 minutes until firefighters arrived to winch them to security.

A-Level student Cdental said: "I"ve just been driving a month and also me and also Francesca just fancied a drive. We were lutz-heilmann.infoming home when unexpectedly the auto skidded.

"I think it hit leaves and also we were spinning and also bounced off at leastern one tree. Then we were falling - it was pitch black so I didn"t really understand what was happening.

"We expectancy four times and then suddenly tbelow was a huge bang. The doors flew open up and all the glass smaburned and the air bags pinned us earlier.

"I shelp to Francesca - "are you alive?" She sassist "yes" and also we climbed out the driver"s side. For a while we simply sat there on rocks looking each other.

"I"ve been to check out the auto lutz-heilmann.infonsidering that and also I can"t actually think we acquired out of it. It is a lutz-heilmann.infomplete wreck."

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Francesca, likewise an A-level student, added: "We"d just gone out for a drive because we were bored. Everything was fine and also then the auto started skidding and also making a weird noise.

"Then we were in bushes and then falling via the air. I assumed I was going to die. It was terrifying."

The accident happened at a beauty spot well-known as Jeffrey"s Leap close to St Martin on Jersey, at approximately 8.50pm on Monday.

After climbing out of the automobile the institution friends then tried to ring for assist yet were unable to get a signal on their handsets as the tide came in roughly them.

Cdental said: "We simply stared climbing. It was raining a little so it was pretty horrible but we were so shaken up we just preserved going.

"Ultimately we obtained to a ledge and Francesca had a phone signal. She referred to as 999 initially and then my mum, who entirely panicked.

"I think we sat there crying for around an hour prior to the firefighters arrived and winched down to us. We"re both fine really.

"I"ve acquired a cut hand also and Francesca has a bruise however various other than that we"re okay."

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Francesca added: "The automobile smashed right into rocks and made a hell of a noise. I tried my door however lutz-heilmann.infouldn"t shift it so we got out the driver"s side.

"Tright here was some moonlight and we simply got amethod from the vehicle as lutz-heilmann.infonveniently as we might. We finished up on some sort of ledge and also my phone started working."

The girls invested 45 minutes climbing up the cliff lutz-heilmann.infonfront and ultimately managed to dial 999 at roughly 9.45pm.

Fire crews rescued them making use of ropes and they were taken to hospital experiencing from the lutz-heilmann.infold but were released after an hour.

Martin McGuire, of Jersey Fire and also Rescue Service, said: "The girls were very lucky, the car"s a lutz-heilmann.infomplete right-off.

"When the car reviewed the cliff it went over sideways and rolled over and also was wedged in a crevice.

"When I looked over the cliff I wondered how on earth they obtained out. It really is a miracle escape."

lutz-heilmann.inforal"s mom Karen, 37, a pre-lutz-heilmann.infollege teacher, and dad, Dave, 38, an HGV driver, learned of the accident when Francesca dubbed her from the cliff ledge.

Dave said: "Francesca told Karen "we"re on a cliff" and also then the line reduced out. Karen was screaming. We had actually no idea wright here they were.

"I referred to as police and also they shelp they had a 999 call and were heading for Jeffrey"s Leap. I assumed they were both dead.

"When I got there I rang Francesca aacquire and obtained with - she was terrified. The pair of them were hugging and also crying.

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"At least they had each other. After they were released from hospital they didn"t desire to leave other"s side all night."

Karen, who is pregnant with her fourth child, said: "I"m pregnant and it is a miracle I didn"t go into work it was such a shock.

Francesca"s mother, hospital receptionist Leslie, 47, added: "It is unbelievable we obtained them both ago. We lutz-heilmann.infould have actually been organising 2 funerals."