You wonda why they speak to U bitchYou wonda why they contact U bitch.You wonda why they speak to U bitchYou wonda why they speak to U bitch.You wonda why they speak to U bitchYou wonda why they speak to U bitch.

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Look below Miss ThangHate to salt your gameBut yous a money hungry womanAnd you must adjust.In tha locker roomAll the homies carry out is laugh.High five's 'reason anotha niggaPlayed your ass.It was sassist you were sleeezyEven easySleepin roughly for whatYou needSee it's your thangAnd you can shake it exactly how you wanna.Give it up freeOr make your money on the edge.But don't be poor and also play the gameGet mad and adjust.Then you wonda why these muthaf*ckasCall you names.Still lookin' for a method outAnd that's OKI have the right to view you wanna strayThere's a means out.Keep your mind on your money,Enroll in school.And as the years pass byYou deserve to present them fools.But you ain't tryin' to hear me'cause your stuck,You're headin' for the bathroom'bout to obtain tossed up.Still lookin' for a wealthy manYou dug a ditch,Got your legs upTryin' to obtain well-off.I love you choose a sistaBut you must switchAnd that's why they calledU bitch, I betcha.You leave your youngsters through your mama'cause your headin' for the clubIn a skin tight miniskirtLookin' for some love.Got them legs wide openWhile you're sittin' at the barTalkin' to some nigga'bout his vehicle.I guess he said heHad a Lexxxus, what's next?You headin' to his auto for some sexI pass byCan't host back tears inside'cause, lord knowsFor years I tried.And all the various other peopleOn my block hate your gutsThen you wonda why they stareAnd speak to you slut.It's choose your mind don't understandYou don't have to kill yourDreams ploten'Schemes on a manKeep your head up, legs closed, eyes openEither a nigga wear a rubber or he die smokin'I'm hearin' rumors so you need to switchAnd niggas wouldn't contact you bitch, I betcha.

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I guess times gettin' hardEven harder for you'cause, hey now, obtained a babyOn the means nowMore money from the countyAnd thanks to the welfareYou're around toGet your hair done.Got a dinner dateCan't be lateTrick or treat, sweet thangGot anotha trick to satisfy.The way he did itIt was smoothPlottin' while he gamin' youSo baby, peep tha rules.I shoulda checked out it in the first caseThe worst caseI shoulda never dubbed you backIn the first location.I remember back in high schoolBaby you was fastStraight sexAnd barely move your ass.But now points change'cause you don't look the sameLet the ghetto gain the ideal of youBaby, that's a shameCaught HIV and also currently you 'bout to be deceasedAnd finally be in peace.So wright here your niggas at now'cause everybody leftThey steppedAnd left you on your ownSee I loved you prefer a sistaBut you died to quickAnd that's why we called U bitch, I betcha.Dear Ms. Deloris TuckerKeep stressen meF*ckin' through a muthaf*cken mindI figured you wanted to knowYou knowWhy we call them hos bitchesAnd perhaps this might help you understandIt ain't personalStrictly service babyStrictly businessSo If you wonder why we call U bitchYou wonder why we speak to U bitchIf you wonder why we call U bitchYou wonder why we contact U bitch
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