Frifinish events, likewise dubbed random occasions, are short reduced scenes that you can create when you have actually reached a particular level of friendship via the events" leading actors. Each event will provide you a small back story about the character and also offering some possible conmessage regarding why the character does what he or she does. Each friend event deserve to just be motivated one time per game, and only one friend occasion or love event will certainly create on a solitary day. Friend occasions will certainly also occur on your birthday and do not prevent birthday events from triggering.

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To cause a friend event you should raise your friendship level via the event"s person to a certain level or greater, commonly more than 20,000 Friendship Points (FP). You have the right to check out a unstable estimate of your present friendship levels with the villagers by going into your farm house bookshelf, selecting the Farm Summary optimal alternative, and then selecting the the Villager Data category on the bottom touch screen of your Nintenperform 3DS. Each villager has actually a friendship limit marked as 5 hearts; a half-heart icon is worth 5000 FP, and a full-heart icon is 10,000 FP. At 5 hearts you"ll be at the maximum 50,000 FP. Basically, to create frifinish events you"ll need to be at 2.5 hearts of friendship or greater.

If you are going stable with a marital relationship candiday (i.e., boyfrifinish or girlfriend), that person will have actually 10 friendship hearts on the Villager Documents page. Each heart for that perkid will be worth 10,000 points, with a maximum of 100,000 FP (10 hearts). Until you hand over a going-stable Pendant, your sweetie will certainly only screen five hearts.

Once you meet the friendship level requirement, walk into the event"s place throughout the correct time of day to trigger the reduced scene. Riding a equine from one area to the next will not create frifinish occasions. Entering a friend-event area while walking among your pets will certainly be fine for triggering events; the pet won"t impact the event from occuring, yet the steed will certainly. Taking the intra-town take a trip taxi serivice also won"t trigger friend events when you are dropped off.

Some friend events likewise have a weather problem that are specific to the location. Even it if happens to be raining on your farm, the various other areas have their very own weather pattern that might allow their neighborhood friend events to create.

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Note: The names of the occasions have actually the majority of likely changed in the English variation. If you watch a change feel cost-free to sfinish me a message with the title change. Thanks!

Also remember you deserve to only view one occasion per day, whether frifinish, love, or furmiliar!

Marriage Candiday Friend Events

Villager Friend Events




Group Frifinish Events

These totally free events were included by a post-release download patch in Japan. In North America (and perhaps Europe), these events call for you to purchase the New Neighbors DLC load.