Candy Crush is famous, we all understand that. Tright here are a number of levels you have to crush, many reward to be earned and assorted gold bars to collect. But what is the ideal action to take when you purchase a brand also brand-new phone?

Fortunately, having any type of development you have made saved on the brand new gadget is very basic. Below is exactly how you have the right to move your Candy Crush development to a brand-new phone.

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This is the main method to deliver your progress from an old gadget to a new one. To make it feature, you must be registered on or encertain you have an energetic Candy Crush account on Facebook.

This strategy attributes for both iOS and also Android phones and will not need 3rd-party apps or compel you to use your individual computer or Mac. Lets touch on how you have the right to move your Candy Crush progression to a brand brand-new device.

Open Candy Crush on your old tool.Ensure your game progress is backed up and have it connected to Kingdom or Facebook. By so doing, your progression gets synchronized via the game servers.Have Candy Crush mounted on the brand brand-new gadget. iOS customers can download from the App Store. Android owners, Google Play as usual.Launch the game on the new phone.Have it linked to your or Facebook account.

Alongside your level development, eexceptionally gold bar you have actually built up will certainly be moved to your brand also new mobile device. They are constantly synced through the game servers and are obtainable across your phones. If your gold bars are nowright here to be uncovered on your smartphone, reach out to the programmer Here.

However, carrying your added moves, additional lives, and also boosters to your brand-new phone will not be feasible. Rather, they will be saved in your area on your gadget. If you intend to still have actually your old tool around, you deserve to ssuggest play Candy Crush on it and manipulate eexceptionally booster and also extra moves you have actually saved.


2. Helium

This application was occurred by ClockwordMod and it is designed for Android owners that plan to move app and files from one phone to an additional. It can additionally be used to move Candy Crush in between your device. Have the application mounted on the 2 mobile devices. And, you will certainly need to install the Helium Deskheight application on your PC.

With all requirements sorted out, this is exactly how you have the right to move your Candy Crush to your brand also new device.

Open the Helium app on your old gadget.Have your phone linked to your COMPUTER with a USB cable.Open the Helium Desktop application. The applications will certainly connect and a pop-up will certainly be visible on your mechanism, letting you recognize that the application has actually been set off on your Android device.Have the phone disassociated from the PC.Open the Helium application on your mobile tool and select the “COMPUTER Download” alternative. You will gain redirected to the Helium server display.Have the web internet browser opened on your individual computer and also head to the same address.On your smartphone, untick the “Backup App Data” choice and select Candy Crush.Click the “Start Backup” switch. A .zip file with Candy Crush will certainly be conserved on your PC.Go over action 2 – 6 with the brand-new tool.After that, choose “Restore” on your new tool and also uncover your means to the .zip file. you conserved. This will help the carry of Candy Crush to your brand-new device.

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Continue Enjoying The Game

Make use of the steps listed in this post and also you have the right to resume your crushing of candies aobtain. Select the correct technique for you and also thank us later on.