The album variation of this song contains a talked intro ("On a hot summer night, would you sell your throat to the wolf via the red roses..."). That"s not Meat Loaf - the male voice is Jim Steinmale and the womale is Marcia McClain, an actress who played Dee Stewart on the Soap Opera As the World Turns.

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Steinguy wrote the dialogue for his stage manufacturing Neverland, which was perdeveloped five months before the Bat Out Of Hell album was released. Three songs he created for the play were used on the album: the title track, "Heaven Can Wait" and also "All Revved Up through No Place to Go."
The album version of this song runs 5:04, yet the single release excised the dialog and also comes in at 3:48.

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Rick Malloy from New YorkI have actually constantly loved this song! I was 17 and also just beginning my senior year in high school once the Bat Out Of Hell album came out and I initially heard this song. In those days there were album oriented fm radio stations. I remember that it was WNEW FM wright here I initially heard tracks from the album being played. I assumed they were all good songs, me this was the absolute ideal track on the album. Well, what deserve to I say other than that now I"m 61 and also also this particular day whenever I hear this song on the timeless rock station it always puts me in a good mood and also takes me ideal earlier to my teenage days. As quickly as I hear the initially 24 notes of the intro it constantly provides me smile bereason I remember how glorious it felt to be young and also to be in love, even if it was just lust, and fleeting.Todd from Gb Wisconsin Bill S, you are correct that on the album version it was not Steinmale doing the spoken intro. It does appear to be Rundgren, I listened to him sheight on YouTube and his voice certainly fits the profile of the narrator on the album versions right into. Wbelow the confusion may be coming from on Wiki, is the truth it IS Steinmale doing the intro and checked out playing the piano on the video featured on VEVO. One can attempt changing this on Wiki making use of a photo of the original album liner notes giving credits. A good album!! I had it on 8 track once it first came out, when the spoken part of this song was over the volume gained cranked on the system in my 68 Camaro for the opening riff!Bill Schichner from LodiThe spoken intro is Todd Rundgren NOT Jim Steinguy, there"s no mistaking Todd"s voice. Wiki has actually it wrong too.Shawn from Green Bay, WiJust one more epic Jim Steinman song via stunning imagery and among my favorite openings to any song (not the dialogue but the start of the song). "It was a warm summer night and the beach was burning, tright here was fog crawling over the sand. When I listen to your heart I hear the entirety world turning. I view the shooting stars pour via your trembling hands..."watch even more comments
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