When my high college Germale Teacher, Susan Hall (that was, without a doubt my favorite teacher I’ve ever had) shelp sooner or later, “Tright here is an old german proverb, ‘Wir zu früh alt, zu spät klug erhalten!’ ” Translated, it means: “We get too quickly old and as well late smart,” I laughed. How true.

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As I age gracecompletely, prefer fermented apple jack, “It’s Not The Answers I Seek anymore, It’s the Questions!” I offered to wonder what the answers were in my twenties. Now, I am more interested in the appropriate concerns. Many world I fulfill ask what I speak to “N.S.W.” concerns. News, Sports, Weather. If you eve’s drop on other people’s conversations, specifically the concerns, you’ll uncover as I did, that 80% of them start through N.S.W.’s. Urgh!

In 1990 I met through Lou Tice in his luxurious workplaces in Downtown Seattle. I had actually attfinished one of his seminars as a teenager (“Action for Excellence”, a life changing 2-Day seminar presented by Bob Moawad, his top presenter at the time) and had actually freshly gone through one again in my thirties via very same effect. Life changing. He smiled, available me something to to drink and also asked me 2 questions appropriate off the bat:

1) How is your Spiritual Life? 2) Do you have actually Balance in Your Life?

I was blown ameans by his frankness. Like a great Dutch Uncle, he cut through the formalities and acceptable social graces to ask me the tough inquiries. I never foracquired that. He was an excellent coach and teacher.

Socprices opined, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” The Oracle of Delphi sassist, “Know Thyself.” Since I carry out both Coaching and also Consulting, and of course as a Parent of Adult Children, I am most interested in authentic, genuine, life changing inquiries, the “Hard Questions” the majority of civilization never ask. It appears they don’t desire to hurt anyone’s feelings or seem nosey. I never before a lot cared what you assumed of me. And hey, if you approached me, I figure you are significant around transforming, thriving, and coming to be. Otherwise, you would certainly have talked to your favorite Aunt Martha. She always renders excellent cookies and only asks N.S.W.’s questions.


So right here is my short list of “Hard Questions”. They will make you think. They will certainly put a rock in your shoe. It’s what Dutch Uncles perform. When these inquiries are asked and also linked with Active Listening, Compassion, and Confidentiality it creates an atmosphere of ultimate trust and also hocolony dialogue. More regularly than not, solutions to life’s sticky challenges emerge. Sounding Boards for Executives is my major position and also end game. Many kind of of the males and womales that strategy me are “C” level organization human being, CEO’s, CFO’s, and also Pcitizens, Vice Presidents, Directors. They appreciate acquiring down to company conveniently.

1) What is your #1 Objective this coming year? 2) What will certainly expect to YOU to accomplish it? 3) What will it expect to the ORGANIZATION? 4) How will we understand as soon as you attain it? 5) What keeps you up at night? 6) What are you looking forward to? 7) What or whom are you most proud of? 8) What is the best and also highest use of your time? 9) What is the greatest threat you have actually ever taken? 10)What execute you have the courage to imagine around your life or business?

11)What are you afrhelp of? 12)What or whom perform you resent? 13)What are you angry about? 14)How is that working for you? 15)How carry out you understand it’s bad? 16)What is great around it? 17)What’s next? 18)What are you hopeful about? 19)How often carry out you laugh? 20) What are some of your GOOD Habits?

21)What are some of your BAD Habits? 22)How will certainly doing that make you feel? 23)What have actually you got to lose by trying it? 24)Why not attempt somepoint else? 25)Do you have balance in your life? 26)How is your spiroutine life? 27)What alternatives carry out you have?


28)What are you conserving yourself for? 29)Whom execute you truly love? For whom would certainly you take a bullet? 30) If that showed up on the front page of tomorrow’s Wall surface Street Journal, would that be okay?

The clock is ticking. Jim Morrison’s was quoted in the LA Times in the at an early stage seventies, “No one right here gets out alive.” Man is the only creature that have the right to ponder it’s own mortality. Mark Twain shelp it best, “Man is the just pet that blushes, or needs to.” When these sort of questions are answered, honestly, on paper, in the silence of your lonely room, or to an additional perkid in the strictest of confidence, they have significant power. Power to adjust you. Power to awaken you. Power to empower you. Power to redeem you. Power.

The following time someone cuts in line, states somepoint hurtful, offends you in some means, include a thirty first question, “How necessary is it really?” I have that on the dashboard of my truck. It helps.

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I don’t want to acquire as well shortly old and also as well late smart. Danke Sehr!


Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart by Gordon Livingston

(Thirty True Things You Need to Know Now)

I review this bit book in 2 sittings. It’s 168 pperiods of great insight, wisdom and also honesty. If you are serious around changing for the better, it’s a must read. Gordon writes, “Life’s two a lot of vital questions are ‘Why?’ and also ‘Why not?’ The trick is discovering which one to ask (when).” It’s component soothing, component wake up speak to, a book you wished you had actually check out in your twenties. You’ll uncover solace, direction and also a dash of humor and also a dose of confidence. It’s a National Best Seller for a factor.