New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is given the South Park treatment in the upcoming seakid premiere that is collection to air on Wednesday, September 16 at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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In the short pevaluation clip, the boys mock Tom Brady and also the truth he got out of a 4 game suspension while likewise insulting Brady's super design wife GiselleBündchen

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January 18

Patriots Success AFC Championship

The New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 at Gillette Stadium to breakthrough to their 6th Super Bowl in the Brady - Belichick era.

It was after the AFC Championship that deflategate really started. The NFL lugged in investigator Ted Wells to conduct the examination into just how the Patriots footballs were listed below the legal PSI level during the AFC title game.


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January 22

Belichick and also Brady Address Deflategate

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addressed deflategate for the initially time in front of a crowded media facility at Gillette Stadium.

"I was totally and totally unaware of any of this. We're talking around these last couple of days until Monday morning" Belichick shelp.

Later in the afternoon, Tom Brady addressed the deflategate situation, aacquire in front of a packed home of media at Gillette Stadium.

"I didn’t alter the sphere in any method. I have a process that I go with prior to every game wbelow I go in and I pick the footballs that I want to usage for the game. Our devices guys perform an excellent task of breaking the balls in. they have actually a process that they go through. When I pick those balls out, at that point to me they’re perfect. I don’t desire anyone poignant the balls after that. I don’t want anyone rubbing them, placing any type of air in them, taking any type of air out. To me those balls are perfect and also that’s what I suppose once I present up on the field. That happened obviously on Sunday night. It was the very same procedure that I constantly go through. I didn’t think anything of it. Obviously I woke up Monday morning and answered a question on the radio about it and that was the initially I really heard around it," Brady sassist.


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January 24

Belichick Holds Unscheduled Press Conference

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick organized and unscheduled press conference to resolve deflategate in additionally detail. Belichick described an internal examination that the Patriots conducted to attempt and also number out what occurred.

"It's clear I don't recognize extremely much around this location. Over the previous few days, I've learned a lot even more than I ever before knew.I believe now 100% that I have actually personally and we as an company have followed eextremely dominion to the letter," Belichick said.


May 6

Wells Report Released

Ted Wells released his report on the deflategate scandal and also inserted the blame on the Patriots locker room attendant's as well as on Tom Brady.

Cick below for the Full Report

The report proclaimed that "it is more probable than not that the New England Patriots personnel participated in violations of the Playing Rules and were connected in a delibeprice initiative to circumvent the rules. In certain, we have concluded that it is even more probable than not that Jim McNally (the Officials Locker Room attendant for the Patriots) and also John Jastremski (an equipment assistant for the Patriots) participated in a deliberate effort to release air from Patriots game balls, after the balls were examined by the referee."

The report goes to Brady "It is even more probable than not that Tom Brady (the quarterago for the Patriots) was at least primarily conscious of the incorrect activities."


May 7

Tom Brady Speaks at Salem State

Just someday after the Wells Report was Released, Tom Brady had a guest speaking appearance at Salem State College. The appearance was reserved prior to the Wells Report coming out.

Brady was interviewed by Jim Gray and also was asked around the report:

"I don't really have any type of reactivity to it. Our owner commented on it yesterday. It's only been 30 hours, so I haven't had a lot time to digest it fully, yet once I carry out, I'll let you understand. I'll be certain to let you recognize just how I feel about it, and everyone else."


May 14

Patriots Release Wells Report Rebuttal

The New England Patriots released a 19,000 word essay rebutting simply around every suggest that is made in the Wells Report.

Click here to read the complete rebuttal

The Wells Report Rebuttal states:

The Report dismisses the clinical explanation for the organic loss of psi of the Patriots footballs by inexplicably rejecting the Referee’s recollection of what gauge he offered in his pregame inspection. Texts recognized to be attempts at humor and also exaggeration are neverthemuch less construed as a plot to improperly deflate footballs, even though none of them describe any kind of such plot. Tbelow is no evidence that Tom Brady preferred footballs that were reduced than 12.5 psi and no evidence anyone also assumed that he did. All the comprehensive evidence which contradicts how the messages are construed by the investigators is simply dismissed as “not plausible.” Inconsistencies in logic and also evidence are ignored.


May 15

NFLPA Makes Letter to NFL Regarding Brady Appeal Public

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell named himself as the arbitrator for the Brady appeal. Shortly after that, the NFLPA rmade their letter to the NFL, in which they ask Goodell to select an independent arbitrator, public.

Read the Full Letter Here

Excerpt Below

Please be advised that the NFLPA and also Mr. Brady intfinish to call both you (Troy Vincent) and Commissioner Goodell as vital witnesses in the proceeding.

In light of the above, the NFLPA believes that neither Commissioner Goodell nor anyone through cshed ties to the NFL have the right to serve as arbitrator in Mr. Brady’s appeal under governing legal requirements. The credibility and testimony of both you and also Commissioner Goodell will be at worry in the hearing and also plenty of procedural worries regarding your testimony and also the testimony of the Commissioner.

Accordingly, this letter will serve as a formal demand also that the Commissioner follow the Rice precedent and also apsuggest an independent perkid to serve as arbitrator over Mr. Brady’s appeal. If the Commissioner does not appoint such a neutral arbitrator, the NFLPA and Mr. Brady will certainly seek recusal and seek all available relief to achieve an arbitrator who is not evidently partial.


May 19

Robert Kraft Accepts Deflategate Penalties

Patriots owner Robert Kraft embraced the deflategate penalties, which include a $1 million fine and the loss of a 2016 first round pick and also a 2017 fourth round pick.

"I’m going to accept reluctantly what he’s provided us and also not continue this dialogue and rhetoric and also we won’t appeal. I know the majority of patriot fans are going to be disappointed in that decision, however I hope they trust my judgement and know that I really feel that this suggest in time that taking this off the agenda is the ideal thing for the New England also Patriots, our fans and also the NFL and also i hope you all have the right to respect that," Kraft sassist as part of an extensive statement.


July 28

Roger Goodell Upholds Brady's 4 Game Suspension

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell uporganized Tom Brady's 4 game suspension for his duty in deflating footballs. Goodell handed dvery own the punishment in 20 page announcement siting that " by the moment of the AFC Championship Game, the inflation level of the footballs was a issue of particular interest to Mr. Brady."

A big reason for the suspension was Brady's faiattract to corun, in particular ruining his phone.

"Mr. Brady described that once he changes cell phones, he provides his old cell phone to an assistant through the instruction 'to damage the phone so that no one have the right to ever before, you know, reset it or perform something where the indevelopment is available to anyone.'

Mr. Brady's direction that his cell phone (and also its pertinent evidence) be ruined on or around March 6 is very troubling. Rather than sindicate failing to cooperate, Mr. Brady made a deliberate effort to ensure that investigators would certainly never have actually accessibility to information that he had been asked to create."

The Announcement was followed by numerous statements:

New England also Patriots Statement

Don Yee (Brady's Agent) Statement

NFLPA Statement


July 29

Tom Brady Responds via Facebook

The day after his suspension was uphosted, Tom Brady responded with a statement on his Facebook page.

"I am extremely disappointed by the NFL’s decision to uporganize the 4 game suspension against me. I did nopoint wrong, and no one in the Patriots company did either."

The Destruction of his Cell Phone

"I also disagree through yesterdays (July 28) narrative neighboring my cell phone. I replaced my broken Samsung phone through a new iPhone 6 AFTER my attorneys made it clear to the NFL that my actual phone tool would not be subjected to investigation under ANY situations. As a member of a union, I was under no obligation to collection a new precedent going forward, nor was I made mindful at any kind of time during Mr. Wells examination, that failing to subject my cell phone to examination would bring about ANY discipline.

Many importantly, I have never before written, texted, emailed to anybody at anytime, anypoint regarded football air pressure before this worry was increased at the AFC Championship game in January. To imply that I destroyed a phone to avoid offering the NFL information it requested is entirely wrong."


July 29

Robert Kraft Addresses Suspension

Patriots CEO Robert Kraft holds a surpincrease press conference simply prior to Belichick's pre training camp press conference and addressed the Brady suspension.

"Given the facts, evidence and also regulations of scientific research that underscore this entire case, it is entirely incomprehensible to me that the league continues to take measures to disparage among its all-time excellent players and a male for whom I have the utmany respect. Personally, this is very sad and disappointing to me"

Kraft apologizes to fans and also Tom Brady:

"I desire to apologize to the fans of the New England also Patriots and Tom Brady. I was wrong to put my faith in the league,"

Kraft Still Believes in Brady

"I continue to think in and unequivocally assistance Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is a perboy of great integrity and is a great ambassador of the game on and off the area. Yet, for factors I can't comprehend tright here are those in the league office even more identified to prove they were ideal than admitting culpability of their very own or take any kind of duty for the initiation of a process and also taking place examination that was flawed.


July 29

Brady/ NFLPA Officially Data a Law Suit vs. NFL

The NFLPA officially filed its suit versus the NFL in federal Court on Tom Brady's behalf. The lawsuit was filed in Minnesota.

The suit asks the federal court to make a decision by September 4 or grant an injunction. If an injunction is granted, Tom Brady would certainly be able to play until the legal process is over.


"It will certainly be interesting to check out what the court does if Brady repursuits an injunction. Litigation takes a lengthy time and also it is unmost likely that the court situation below would fix prior to the start of the regular NFL season. Granting Brady an injunction would certainly expect that he plays the games from which Goodell suspfinished him. But what if the court inevitably finds that Goodell’s Decision is valid? How will certainly Brady pay if the initially four games are currently played? Or vice versa, if Brady is not granted an injunction and also it is eventually identified that Goodell was wrong, how have the right to Brady be made whole? More importantly, exactly how have the right to Patriots Nation be made whole?" sassist GoLocal contributor Aivi Nguyen.


July 30

NFLPA /Brady vs NFL to be Heard in New York

On Thursday the Minnesota court ruled that the instance should be heard in New York, wbelow the NFL had currently filed a lawsuit. In New York, the instance will certainly be heard by Judge Ricdifficult Berguy.

The lawsuit filed by the NFLPA will be moved to New York.


"The Court appreciates no "compelling circumstances" undermining application of the first-filed ascendancy to transfer this action from Minnesota to New York, wbelow the initially activity was filed. Without a doubt, the Court sees little bit factor for this action to have actually commenced in Minnesota at all. Brady plays for a team in Massachusetts; the Union is headquartered in Washington, D.C.; the NFL is headquartered in New York; the arbitration proceedings took place in New York; and also the award was issued in New York," the Minnesota Courts in a statement.


July 31

Dates are Set for Brady's Federal Court Appeal

Here are the crucial dates:

August 7 - Brady's Lawyers and also the NFL need to file a memo in which they state their positions.

August 12- A negotiation conference has been reserved in which Berguy researches that both Brady and Goodell attend in order to attempt and also pertained to an agreement prior to the court decides.

August 19 - Both parties will satisfy again to hear dental arguments or continue on with the negotiation conference.

Judge Berman will make his decision following the August 19 day if the parties have actually not agreed to one by then.


August 4

Brady' June 23 Appeal Tranmanuscript Release

The NFLPA released the complete tranmanuscript of the June 23 hearing in which tom Brady appealed his four game suspension to Roger Goodell. The tranmanuscript is 457 peras lengthy.


Brady describes his cell phone destruction to Roger Goodell.

"I think that whenever I'm done with the phone, I don't desire anybody ever before to see the content of the phone, photos. Obviously tbelow is a log via the smart phones of all my e-mail interactions. So in those folders, there is player contracts. There's, you know, endorsement deals. There's-- along with photos of my family and so forth that I simply don't want anyone to ever before come in call with those.

A log of people's private indevelopment that, had that phone -- if it mirrors up somewbelow, then, you recognize, all the contacts in my phone, you know, wouldn't desire that to take place. So I have actually constantly told the guy who swaps them out for me, make certain you eliminate the phone."


September 3

After weeks of court situations through nothing happening and also nowhere close to a settlementNew York Supreme Court Judge Ricdifficult Berman overtransforms Tom Brady's 4 game deflategate suspension.

In his statement, Berman shelp "Based upon the foregoing and also applicable legal authorities, the cour hereby denies the Management Council's activity to confirm the Award and also grants the Players Association's movement to vacate the Award, thereby vacating the four-game suspension of Tom Brady, reliable immediatley.


Shortly after the decision, numerous statements were released.

Roger Goodell states the NFL will appeal.

NFLPA states legal rights of players are affirmed.


September 3

Goodell, NFL Announce They Will Appeal Bermale Ruling

Althe majority of immediatly after Judge Berman's decision to vacate Brady's suspension, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell annnounced that the NFL would appeal the suspension to the second circuit court of appeals.

Goodell's Statement

"We are grateful to Judge Bermale for hearing this matter, but respecttotally disagree via today's decision. We will certainly appeal today's ruling in order to uphold the collectively barobtained duty to protect the integrity of the game. The commissioner's duty to secure the competitive fairness of our game is a paramount principle, and also the league and also our 32 clubs will proceed to pursue a course to that end. While the legal phase of this process continues, we look forward to focusing on footsphere and also the opening of the consistent seakid."


September 4

Tom Brady releases a statement through his facebook page on the deflategate decision. These are his initially public comments considering that the decision.

Read the Statement Below

The consistent seachild starts tomorrow morning and also I can’t wait to totally commit my power and also emovement to focus on the obstacles of the 2015 NFL seakid. I desire to thank my household, my friends, all of the fans, past and also existing players and also my teammates for the support they have actually given me throughout this challenging suffer. I likewise desire to thank Judge Berguy and also his staff for their initiatives to deal with this issue over the previous five weeks. I am incredibly grateful. My many thanks additionally to theunion's legal team who has actually fought so hard right together with me. While I am pleased to be eligible to play, I am sorry our league had to endure this. I don’t think it has been good for our sport - to a huge level, we have all lost. I am likewise sorry to anyone whose feelings I might have hurt as I have actually tried to work to solve this situation. I love the NFL. It is a privilege to be a member of the NFL community and I will certainly constantly attempt to perform my ideal in representing my team and the league in a way that would certainly make all members of this community proud. I look forward to the competition on the playing area and I hope the attention of NFL fans have the right to return to wright here it belongs - on the many type of excellent players and also coaches that occupational so difficult every week, and also sacrifice so a lot, to make this game excellent. Most importantly, I look forward to representing theNew England also Patriotkid Thursday night in our seakid opener. I hope to make every one of our fans proud this year … and also beyond!


April 25, 2016

Tom Brady’s 4-Game Deflategate Suspension Reinproclaimed by US Appeals Court

The United States Court of Appeals has reinstated Tom Brady's 4 game Deflategate suspension, the court announced on Monday, April 25.

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"We hold that the Commissioner effectively exercised his board discretion under the collective baracquiring agreement and also that his procedural rulings were properly founded in that agreement and did not deprive Brady of standard fairness. Accordingly, we REVERSE the judgement of the district court and REMAND through instructions to confirm the award," the court said in their statement.