Origin of the Ends of the Earth

This expression originates from the Scriptures, wbelow it shows up in a few different areas.

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Two specific passages are Psalms 98:3,

He has remembered his love

and also his faithfulness to Israel;

all the ends of the earth have actually seen

the salvation of our God.

And Zechariah 9:10,

I will take amethod the chariots from Ephraim

and also the warhorses from Jerusalem,

and also the fight bow will certainly be broken.

He will certainly procase peace to the countries.

His dominance will certainly extfinish from sea to sea

and from the River to the ends of the earth.

It describes the most remote locations of the huguy world, as opposed to heaven. In the previous, world thought the earth was flat fairly than round, so it could have actually had actually a much more literal definition.

In modern-day contexts, you have the right to basic think around it signaling the ends of people. If you are going to the ends of the earth, you are going to remote locations where no man or woguy inhabits.

Examples of the Ends of the Earth

Here is an instance that involves 2 college students on a school trip abroad.

Harry: I am in love!

Robin: Really? With whom?

Harry: I met the most beautiful womale while sightseeing. She was perfect.

Robin: What was her name?

Harry: I don’t recognize. We couldn’t soptimal the very same language, yet I can tell she felt a link in between us also.

Robin: Are you going to view her again?

Harry: That’s the trouble. The crowd separated us, and also I couldn’t uncover her aget.

Robin: That’s also poor.

Harry: It’s not big deal. I’ll search to the ends of the earth to uncover her aacquire if I need to.

In this dialogue, 2 coemployees are discussing the woman’s task search.

Mal: So how’s the job search going?

Xiomara: Not extremely well. Unfortunately, tbelow aren’t that many kind of work to use to.

Mal: Are you only looking at regional jobs?

Xiomara: Yeah, I have family right here. I’d love to have the ability to take into consideration various other work farther amethod, but I have actually a responsibility to my family members to continue to be close. I can’t simply accept a job at the ends of the earth, even if it does have actually exceptional pay and also benefits.

Mal: Well, possibly your family members would prefer to move. You never understand. They might surpincrease you.

Xiomara: Maybe. But they don’t really choose going far from home, so I suppose they wouldn’t be interested.

More Examples

This excerpt is about a presidential candidate that assisted army members who traveled far amethod to bring out security procedures.

This excerpt supplies the expression in the plot synopsis of a movie.

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The expression the ends of the earth is one more way a area that is exceptionally remote and also unacquainted.