Taylor Swift Drops 'Evermore' and Fans Hear Kimye, Tom Hiddleston References

Taylor Swift Drops 'Evermore' Album ... Shots at Kim, Kanye and also Tom?!?

Taylor Swift dropped her second album of 2020, establishing fans on a rabid hunt for covert definitions in her lyrics ... and some hear recommendations to her Kim and Kanye feud and a failed partnership.

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"Evermore" attributes 17 tracks, among them being "Long Story Short" ... where Taylor sings, "I tried to pick my battles "til the battle picked me. Misery." Fans think it"s an apparent reference to her 2016 war of words via Kim and also Kanye over the lyrics to his song, "Famous."

If you don"t know already ... Kanye"s verse, "I made that bitch famous" -- in recommendation to Taylor -- sparked a massive back and forth between Kanye claiming Taylor knew the lyric was happening and also Taylor claiming the oppowebsite.

Shortly after that feud, Taylor started dating actor Tom Hiddleston, but the couple split after simply a couple of months ... and also fans think the chorus for "Long Story Short" references that too.

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She sings, "Clung to the wrong lips. Long story brief, it was the wrong man."

The album"s not also 12 hours old yet, so remain tuned -- we"re sure there"s more fan evaluation to come.

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