One means to boost your hipster cred is to feign interest in the high arts, so what better means than periodically listening to classical music? Classical music on vinyl at that…

I very own 8 out of the 13 pictured

Much of my LP arsenal started out as stuff my parental fees previously owned. Nbeforehand every one of the timeless punk and also new wave I own once belonged to my dad, however I likewise asserted the timeless music he obtained using mail-order earlier in the early eighties. These were from the Time-Life Great Men of Music series, which contained 4 documents each from all the significant classic composers. Each set had the composer’s many well known works (e.g. Symphony No.5 for Beethrange, Roncarry out alla Turca for Mozart) but additionally had actually some of their lesser known pieces. The complete series pretty much spanned everyone from the Baroque to the beforehand Modern period (Bach to Copland), however my dad only had actually 8 of the 30 box collection.

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The documents come in sturdy, attrenergetic boxes through anti-scratch sleeves and a booklet containing the history of the composer and notes on each included recording. Many kind of of the recordings are sourced from the well-related to RCA Living Stereo series. Web study later on backed me up, but I had actually initially suspected this as soon as I initially played the Living Stereo SACD of Van Cliburn performing Beethovens Emperor Concerto

and also uncovered it…somehow familiar. Sure enough, they are the exact very same recording.

The overall sound high quality of the documents is pleasant and mellow; as I create this I am listening to Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #2, which flows smoothly from the speakers while demonstrating a well defined soundstage (that is, eextremely instrument has a discernible “location of origin” emitting from the speakers that mostly coincides to how an actual chamber orchestra is set up). Mozart’s piano works are crisp and believable , if not a tad bideal, while Beethoven’s 5th is immersive and effective. The recordings aren’t always perfect though, some of the tracks, favor Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, aren’t true stereo yet are “electronically reprocessed” , which I personally don’t choose but YMMV. Some of the speedy glissandos in Chopin’s Etudes kind of smear together, yet I suspect this is a weakness of my device rather than the recording.

These boxsets are a great means to begin a timeless collection, and also they seem choose the type of thing you could score from a yard sale, thrift store, or Craigslist. Amazon has actually simply the Beethstove set

starting at 22 bucks, however if you’re more of a completist then eBay has a lot of of them, unfortunately sold individually.

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Final scores:

Music: A

Sound: A- to C+, depending upon each recording.

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