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Video Gamings Appeal to The Male Fantasy refers to a collection of videos remixing a clip of feminists playing Grand Theft Auto posted by Buzzfeed. In the clip, presenter Claudia Restrepo says "I wrote a blog short article a while earlier around why I f***ing hate video games. They appeal to the male fantasy!" In the remix videos, after the presenter claims that line, various clips meant to humorously illustrate "the male fantasy" are put.

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On April 2third, 2015, Buzzfeed Yellow<1> publimelted a video titled "Feminists Play Grand also Theft Auto For The First Time." In the video, a number of presenters express shock and disgust at some of the game"s violence and the way it objectifies women. About halfway via the video, one presenter, Claudia Restrepo from the blog Osautomobile Hates Sexism, plays with a scene that takes location at a spilgrimage club. The original video has actually because been removed. On April 2fifth, the video was reuploaded to Facebook (displayed below).

"I wrote a blog post<2> a while back around why I fucking hate video games, because this is what it does! It appeals to the male fantasy!"


On August 2nine, 2016, YouTube user punpun paired the clip of Claudia talking around the male fantasy via a clip from Just Causage 3 of the primary character attaching bombs to an enemy"s crotch and also watching him fly away. The video got over 126,000 views.

This was the initially of dozens of videos that reblended the clip. One of the most renowned via over 277,000 views was posted by YouTube user Tom Benda, who included a clip of Han Solo dancing from the game Kinect Star Wars for the Xbox Kinect.

On October second, 2016, YouTube user Graham posted a compilation of "Male Fantasy" remix videos. The video, shown listed below, is the a lot of watched "Male Fantasy" video through over 280,000 views.

Image Macros

On October 27th, 2017, Facebook<7> user Bejamin Foster posted a two-pane image macro featuring Restrepo saying "This is why I hate video games. It appeals to the male fantasy" over a screenshot from the game Europa Universalis IV. The article (shown below) got more than 1,000 reactions and 175 shares in less than 3 years. That day, it was posted to 9GAG, <6> where it obtained more than 12,000 points. Less than one month later, on November 2second, 2017, Redditor <3> merapyara reposted the picture and also got more than 9,900 points (91% upvoted) and 740 comments in much less than a month.

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Shortly after the post was made, variations of the format started showing up on assorted websites, consisting of Imgur, <4> 9GAG<5> and also more (examples below).





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<4> Imgur – Is that Kermit the frog through two samurai swords cigarette smoking a blunt?

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