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You are watching: This is the framework of meaning which surrounds a specific word, sentence, idea, or passage.


1The scenarios that develop the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and also in regards to which it have the right to be completely taken.

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‘I think if you have the right to understand also your conmessages then you have power to use this to help yourself.’‘It takes lengthy to describe our context so you have the right to understand also the impact of such thing in our society.’‘This is down to his determination to location existing events in a historic context.’‘Yet the conmessages within which engagement and also concept sharing are invited obviously carry out not have wide appeal.’‘It is far from clear to me that indevelopment and computation are meaningful terms external of such contexts.’‘Western supervisors regularly have actually obstacles making new decisions within brand-new ecological contexts.’‘Here, military history becomes an aspect of war is finest studied in terms of the political contexts that give it interpretation.’‘It is in our interests to recognize and understand the contexts in which such values have actually been shaped.’‘To explain the concepts of Nazism without this is to study principles outside their social conmessage.’‘I had actually never really attached the plays fully to the social context they came from.’‘He analyses events in their context, a really worthy exercise for any type of chronicler to follow.’‘What it does execute is research the case it has actually developed within the context it has actually laid out.’‘He is also smart sufficient to understand also the conmessage of his individual success.’‘It was the context within which this was happening that attracted me in this time because it seemed to be talking to me.’‘Are we identified by the work we do, or do we define ourselves within the context of what we do?’‘This will change many type of times prior to November, but it is all taking place within a context.’‘We are going to be able, within a European context, to be in a more positive position.’‘For new readers this deserve to be an advantage, but they end up being disbenefits in conmessages of closer research.’‘So in the conmessage of this background, it was perfectly reasonable for Sean to say what he did.’‘Social visiting within such conmessages is very common and also occurs on both an daily basis and also for distinct events.’