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This Is Not Happening will reportedly no longer be hosted by the show’s creator Ari Shaffir as the beloved comic storyinforming series, which airs on Comedy Central, has simply named Roy Wood Jr. as the original host’s successor. No official statement has surchallenged about Shaffir’s exit, though it shows up the comedian, who simply announced his double comedy one-of-a-kind release on Netflix, left the series amicably.

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Wood, known mostly as a correspondent on The Daily Sjust how, will certainly currently carry the display via its fourth seakid, slated to hit Comedy Central this loss. Amongst the many comedians scheduled to percreate in Season 4 are Louie Anderkid, Sandra Berndifficult, Tommy Chong, Drew Carey, Tiffany Haddish, Lil Rel Howery, Darrell Hammond, Talib Kweli, Howie Mandel, Al Madrigal, Scott Thompboy, Kevin Smith, Kyle Kinane, Joey Diaz, Ralphie May, Michael McDonald, Jim Norton, Jay Oakerboy, Tom Segura, Ali Siddiq, Carrot Top and also even more.

Due to his reliably funny contributions to The Daily Show, Wood’s popularity via fans of the political satire show has grown at a fast pace since his joining the team back in 2015. Prior to his duty as a correspondent, he placed third in Seachild 7 of Last Comic Standing, he held The Roy Wood Jr Sjust how and he was a collection consistent on TBS’ Sullivan & Son. He debuted his first hour-lengthy special Father Figure on Comedy Central on Feb. 19 and also has ultimately been touring his hilarious stand-up act across the U.S. (see our testimonial of his Chicago display here) ever before since.

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“Long form story informing is a hilarious, beautiful and also crucial performance medium,” Wood tweeted on Friday. “I am honored to proceed on through what Ari Shaffir constructed.”

Wood is collection to film 20 brand-new episodes of This Is Not Happening in front of a live audience at Cheetahs in Hollywood on June 4-7 and also June 19-22 at 7:30 p.m. and also 9:30 p.m. Those interested in attending one of the show’s cost-free live tapings can repursuit tickets below.