Alice is a city of just under 20,000 residents. Located in the southeastern edge of the state, Alice is 45 miles amethod from Corpus Christi. Unofficially well-known as “the birthplace of Tejano” music, Alice an excellent location to discover the society connected with it. Whether you’re in town for a day or a week, Alice won’t disapsuggest.

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South Texas Museum

The South Texas Museum (no website; 66 South Wideal Street; 361-668-8891) is a good place to begin if you desire to understand the background of Alice and the bordering location. The museum residences a collection of historical photos, maps and files chronicling the background of the city, and also furniture, firearms and also saddles from the 1800s. The structure was designated as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1994.

Third Coast Squadron Commemorative Air Force Museum

The Third Coast Squadron Commemorative Air Force Museum (no website; 1309 Airport Road; 361-661-0321) provides a repertoire of army memorabilia, including historical weapons and unidevelops, posters, medals, vehicles and even little planes. As of the time of publication, the museum was closed for exhilittle bit upgrades but set to reopen later on. The museum is located inside the grounds of the Commemorative Air Force Third Coast Squadron (, which supplies outdoor exhibits, air mirrors utilizing army aircraft and also aircraft rides aboard an open-cockpit WWII PT-17 Stearmale biplane.

Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hevery one of Fame

The Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hevery one of Fame (no website; 213 N. Wright Street; no phone) is the main museum for everything regarded Tejano music and culture. Memorabilia in the exhibit encompass old records and records players, 8-track cassettes, costumes, musical instruments and also autographed guitars. More than 150 artists have been inducted right into the Tejano R.O.O.T.S Hall of Fame, and also they’re all represented in the museum.


There are a number of city parks in Alice. Many are well emerged and also sell facilities and amenities for both adults and also kids. Buena Vista Park on South Texas Blvd. has actually a basketround court, a playground and also picnic facilities. Lake Findley on North Texas Blvd. has a pier and also a pavilion, as well as nature trails and also a covered picnic location. P.S. Anderson on North Texas Blvd. uses the most amenities, including a pool, BBQ pits and picnic tables, baseball fields, playground devices and a pavilion.

Paladium Bowl & Cafe

The Paladium Bowl & Cafe ( provides 16 bowling lanes, a video arcade, a snack bar and also open up league bowling for all eras. The place is open until 11:00 pm, so you have the right to come late in the day if you want to avoid children. Adult leagues meet on weekday evenings, while youth leagues meet on Saturday mornings. You can come roughly just to watch the specialists play, or you can sign up with the league also if you"re in town for simply a pair of weeks.

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