Diameter is the distance of a line that passes through the center of a circle and touches both sides of that circle.

Knowing the diameter of something that is 6 inches can be very beneficial if you are comparing items of similar diameter.

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Before mirroring you 11 items that are 6 inches in diameter, have a look at the complying with photo to see an instance.

Did you know? 6 inches is equal to 15.24 centimeters or 152.4 millimeters.

Cake panDrink coasterWood plaqueAppetizer plateMixing bowlWorkdesk GlobeSaw bladeLampshadeWall surface clockGrapefruitDog frisbee

1. Cake pan

Cake pans are frequently offered to bake a cake in a stove. These pans are made of metal, ceramic, glass, and also silicone which are all safe to use in the range.

Although cake pans are obtainable in different forms choose square and also rectangle, the a lot of prevalent form used to make a cake is round.

Round cake pans are additionally easily accessible in various sizes. A 6-inch cake pan is not the a lot of widespread however can be used to make smaller-sized cakes.

2. Drink coaster

The major function of a drink coaster is to protect the surchallenge of a table from condensation marks and also stains from liquids in a drinking glass.

Placing your drink on a coaster will prevent liquids from damaging the table.

Coasters come in various sizes and also a 6-inch coaster is considered an oversized (XL) coaster used for large drink glasses.

Large mugs, cups and also 2L soda bottles will certainly fit on a 6 inch drink coaster.

3. Wood plaque

A wood plaque is one of the a lot of widespread items to give someone as an award or gift for a specific accomplishment.

Most wooden plaques will have a brass plate through creating on it. Other wood plaques deserve to have artwork-related, creating, and deindications on them that will certainly be made particularly for the celebration or occasion it’s being supplied for.

Many type of different kinds of wood deserve to be supplied to make a timber plaque. Mahogony is commonly offered.

Wooden plaques have the right to be made any type of size and shape you choose.

A 6-inch diameter plaque is a prevalent dimension to pick and also it have the right to be bought premade and totally designed or as an unfiniburned base via nothing on it which you deserve to customize yourself.

4. Appetizer plate

Appetizer plates are commonly offered for serving tiny appetizers choose fruit, crackers, and also cheeze. They are not supposed to be provided as serving a primary course meal as they are little.

Appetizer plates are perfect for light snacks when you have visitors. They deserve to variety in size from 4 – 9 inches in diameter yet a 6 inch appetizer plate is generally used.

5. Mixing bowl

If you choose to prepare and bake, a mixing bowl is an essential tool that you will certainly usage on a constant basis.

Mixing bowls are mostly offered for mixing ingredients although they can be provided for storing food, making salads, beating whipping cream and more.

Mixing bowls are normally made through stainmuch less steel, glass or plastic and also come in a range of sizes including a 6 inch diameter bowl.

Mixing bowls deserve to be purchased as a collection or individually.

6. Workdesk globe

Tabletop or desk globes are a very nice enhancement to any kind of desk or table. If you work in an office or at home, desk globes are not just interesting however include a unique look to your room.

It’s common for take a trip agents to usage a desk world as they deserve to see names of places, landmarks, points of interemainder easily.

Globes are typically hollow and made through cardboard, plastic, and steel. They are easily accessible in many type of various sizes. A 6 inch diameter desk world is best offered for little areas where room is restricted. A constant sized desk globe have the right to be all over from 12 – 20 inches in diameter.

7. Saw blade

A witnessed blade is a renowned tool offered for cutting many type of types of materials including lumber and steel. Saw knives are very strong and also have a miscellaneous number of sharp teeth that carry out the cutting.

Depfinishing on the product you are going to reduced, choosing the best blade is crucial. Tright here are many various kinds of blades for many different projects.

Saw knives are accessible in several sizes. A 6-inch circular observed blade deserve to be uncovered at many hardware stores and digital.

8. Lampshade

If you own a lamp, possibilities are it has actually a shade. The lampshade goes on peak of a lamp extending the bulb. Its purpose is to redirect and also diffuse light from the bulb. They assist to defend your eyes from the glare of the bulb.

Lampshades are made in a range of materials including glass, cloth, and paper. Depfinishing on the size of your lamp and also the dimension of the area easily accessible, choose the ideal dimension lampshade. Tbelow are many kind of various sizes easily accessible.

If you have actually a smaller sized lamp, a 6 inch lampshade is a widespread option.

9. Wall surface clock

Wall clocks are extremely famous and provided by countless human being about the people. When you think of a wall surface clock, you could be picturing a huge round clock. But smaller sized clocks are easily accessible too.

If you have a little wall room you could want to take into consideration buying a 6 inch wall clock. Although they are tiny, the 6 inch round wall clock can make quite a showpiece.

10. Grapefruit

The Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that is well-known to have both a sweet and sour taste. Many type of human being love Grapefruit juice to drink and it have the right to likewise be supplied in recipes.

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Grapefruit have many type of health benefits consisting of weight loss. They have a yellow and also orange shade skin with a white and pink inside.

Most Grapefruit variety in size from 4 to 6 inches in diameter.

11. Dog frisbee

Many dogs will certainly love to play through anything that is round. Including a frisbee. Certain dogs uncover it simpler to catch a frisbee than a sphere and also they reap chasing them.

Frisbees have the right to be made of plastic or rubber and also are obtainable in different sizes consisting of 6 inches in diameter. Tossing a frisbee in the air and also watching your dog run and also catch it is extremely enjoyable both for you and also the dog. Although the dog will obtain more excitement and exercise out of the activity.