Album: H. M. S. Pinafore (Orchestra & Chorus of the Welsh National Opera feat. conductor: Sir Charles Mackerras)

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Buttercup.Things are seldom what they seem,Skim milk masquerades as cream;Highlows pass as patent leathers;Jackdaws strut in peacock"s feathers.Captain. (puzzled)Very true,So they do.Buttercup.Black sheep dwell in eexceptionally fold;All that glitters is not gold;Storks turn out to be but logs;Bulls are yet inflated frogs.Captain. (puzzled)So they be,Frequentlee.Buttercup.Drops the wind and stops the mill;Turbot is ambitious brill;Gild the farthing if you will certainly,Yet it is a farthing still.Captain. (puzzled)Yes, I recognize.That is so.Though to capture your drift I"m striving,It is shady — it is shady;I don"t watch at what you"re driving,Mystic lady — mystic lady.Both. (aside)Stern conviction"s o"er me/him stealing,That the mystic lady"s dealingIn oracular revealing.Captain.Yes, I understand —Buttercup.That is so!Captain.Though I"m anything however clever,I can talk favor that for ever:Once a cat was killed by treatment,Only brave deserve the fair.Buttercup.Very true,So they perform.Captain.Wink is regularly great as nod;Spoils the child who spares the rod;Thirsty lambs run foxy dangers;Dogs are discovered in many mangers.Buttercup.Frequentlee,I agree.Captain.Paw of cat the chestnut snatches;Worn-out garments display brand-new patches;Only count the chick that hatches;Men are grown-up catchy-catchies.Buttercup.Yes, I recognize,That is so.(aside)Though to catch my drift he"s striving,I"ll dissemble — I"ll dissemble;When he sees at what I"m driving,Let him tremble — let him tremble!Both.Tho" a mystic tone I/you borrow,He will/I shall learn the reality via sorrow;Here now and also gone tomorrow.Captain.Yes, I know.Buttercup.That is so!(Exit Little Buttercup.)DIALOGUECaptain.Incomprehensible as her utterances are, I neverthemuch less feelthat they are dictated by a sincere regard for me. But to whatnew misery is she referring? Time alone have the right to tell!(Get in Sir Joseph.)Sir Joseph.Captain Corcoran, I am a lot disappointed via your daughter.In truth, I do not think she will execute.Captain.She will not carry out, Sir Joseph!Sir Joseph.I"m afrassist not. The fact is, that although I have urged my suitwith as a lot eloquence as is regular via an official utterance,I have actually done so hitherto without success. How execute you account for this?Captain.Really, Sir Joseph, I hardly understand. Josephine is of course cautious ofyour condescension.Sir Joseph.She naturally would certainly be.Captain.But probably your exalted rank dazzles her.Sir Joseph.You think it does?Captain.I deserve to hardly say; but she is a modest girl, and her social positionis much below your very own. It might be that she feels she is not worthy of you.Sir Joseph.That is really a very wise suggestion, and also display screens even more knowledgeof human nature than I had offered you crmodify for.Captain.See, she comes. If your lordship would kindly factor via her andascertain her officially that it is a standing dominion at the Admiralty thatlove levels all ranks, her respect for an main utterance mightinduce her to look upon your sell in its appropriate light.Sir Joseph.It is not unmost likely.

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I will take on your tip. But soft, she is here.Let us withdraw, and also watch our opportunity.