Episode 113: Cartman"s Mom is a Dirty Slut -At the end of the present, Mephisto (the Genetic Engineer) describes the Denver team as the ""89 Broncos". However, the finish announcer calls them the ""91 Broncos".-When Cartguy shows up at Stan"s residence dressed like an Indian, Stan asks him why he is wearing a bear necklace. The necklace is actually of an eagle.-As the boys are watching TV, just prior to "America"s Stupidest Home Videos" comes on for the initially time, we can hear the Sally Struther"s "Starving Ethiopians" commercial on the tv which starts out "Here in the heart of Africa..." (the exact same commercial that was in the Starvin" Marvin" episode).-When Cartguy is all dressed approximately approach Chef as his father, he has a big ring/brass knuckles on that says "PIE".-Even though Officer Barbrady is only in training at the Drunken Barn Dance, Ms. Cartguy calls him "Officer".-When Chef is explaining to Cartmale why he cannot be his father, he sits Cartguy down and refers to him as "children" throughout their talk.-Stan"s Grandpa has a noose via him throughout the whole display.-When Cartman goes to the bar, Jesus is there drinking (beer?) out of the Divine Grail.-The name of the train that runs Kenny over is called American Silver Slicer.-Mr. Garrison"s sexuality proceeds to be a good mystery. He certainly wants/gets a piece of Mrs. Cartmale, yet once Chef claims that he does not want any component in a threesome via Garrichild there, Mr. Garrichild says, "Damn, I guess it will need to be simply me and Ms. Cartmale."-In Episode 112 (Mecha-Streisand), Chef said that he was honored to have actually Sydney Piotier in his "home town". However, in this episode we find that Chef had actually simply arrived in town at the 12th yearly Drunken Barn Dance.-Tright here are two beer taps at the bar. One is labeled "Dude", the other one is labeled "Beer".-At the Drunken Barn Dance, everyone refers to Eric"s mommy as "Ms. Cartman". However before, currently she is known as "Mrs. Cartman". Is this best since she was never before married?....OR WAS SHE???-At the Drunken Barn Dance, Mr. Garriboy appears to have actually no difficulty via hair loss (unless he is wearing a wig). However, in Episode 102 he is shown as a boy through the exact same baldness that plagues him presently.-Tbelow are 3 posters hanging up in Mr. Mackey"s office. They read: "Dads are DANDY!", "Father & Son day is coming!", and "If you don"t have a dad, you"re a BASTARD!"-When Cartman is dressed up as a "Babsence Afrideserve to American", the clock about his neck is reminiscint of Flavor Flav from Public Enemy. His hair is modeled after Kid from Kid N" Play. And come on, the Adidas-like jump suit defined 80"s rap .-Kyle says that Bob Sagat is "worse than that guy on Full Housage." Funny thing is, Bob Sagat played the character of Danny Tanner on Full House.-When Mrs. Cartman is talking to Chef at the Drunken Barn Dance, she puts an extra empahses once she states "a BLACK MAN". At that suggest, they both look down at his "whoo-diddly" area.-The song that plays eexceptionally time Ms. Cartguy falls in love via an additional male at the Drunken Barn Dance is a parody of the song "My Heart Will Go On", the theme song from "Titanic".-When Mr. Garrison renders the comment "Who in here HASN"T slept through Mrs. Cartman", even Jesus and the Priest do not raise their hands. Also, Principal Victoria and also the Mayor are there as well...even they do not raise their hands.-We now uncover out that Mephisto"s bit "monkey friend" has actually name...Kevin.-Yes, it seems as if Stan"s line, "Dude, this is pretty f*cked up best here" is now ending up being a capture phrase of the display.-Mr. Garrikid also supplies an old line of his (well, of Mr. Hat"s from Episode 101) once he claims, "You go to hell, you go to hell and also you die!"-At the finish of the present, Mrs. Cartman is holding a tray of cookies.-The name of the train that runs Kenny over is "American Silver Slicer".-Jay Leno renders a guest appearance as the voice of Cartman"s "Kitty".-Mr. Mlutz-heilmann.infoormick (Kenny"s dad) is at the bar beside Mr. Garriboy. He is also watched earlier at the Drunken Barn Dance wearing a hat that said "Scotch" (referral back to Cartman"s lines in Pink Eye).-The very same boy via the blue shirt is standing exterior of Mr. Mackey"s (the Guidance Counselor) office. He was likewise tbelow in Mr. Hanvital.-Cartman"s deal with is the exact same as Wendy"s from Tom"s Rhinoplasty..."28201".-The network-related logo design "HBC" that the T&P display is on is a direct ripoff of the "HBO" logo.-Are T&P Canadian? They"re "Canada"s Biggest Stars", however does that intend they"re from Canada? With that British alutz-heilmann.infoent, you never understand .-Kyle"s Dad"s name is Joe.-The amount and also types of food on Cartman"s dinner table seem to adjust at any given time.-Cartguy yells at "Kitty" again simply as the did in Episode 101 and also also to Starvin" Marvin in Episode 109.-When Ms. Cartguy asks Chef if he"s heard of a "Manage of Three", she means "menage a trois" (French term for a "three-some" or multiple partners at once).-Ms. Cartmale have the right to be viewed throwing up on Chief Running Water as soon as he initially talks to her.-This is the initially time that any of the kids" parental fees (various other than his very own at the finish of Starvin" Marvin) seem to have actually any issue over Kenny"s fatality.-Cartman"s favorite game, "Ro Sham Bo" is earlier again as soon as he wants to borrow Stan"s bike.-Chef has actually a picture of two naked babsence women hanging over his fireplace.-Mr. Garrison calls the man via no legs "Halfy".-The clock roughly Cartman"s neck always points to roughly 3 O"Clock.-At the Drunken Barn Dance, Chef is meant to be new in town, yet once he kbrand-new that Mr. Garrikid was once he popped out of the hay.-Cartguy refers to the "SPC" which a lot of likely represents "South Park Crips". The "Long Beach Crips" are often refered to in rap music as the "LBC".-When the Denver Broncos arrive at the Drunken Barn Dance, two of them say "Are we late for the party?".-When Kenny"s fatality is replayed on America"s Stupidest Videos, it is various from just how it actually happened. Tright here is no waving or talking done in the replay, and also the train travels much sreduced than it initially did.-The first time Grandpa and the children are watching America"s Stupidest Home Videos, a womale is in the front row via a blue shirt on and long brown hair. She was also in episode 108 (Damien) when Jesus was complaining about all the votes being readjusted to Satan, she is the woguy that whistles.-The orchestral music that plays in the background once we check out Cartman doing a tea party is Pachabel"s Canon in D.-Not Without My Anus is a referral to the cheap theatrical movie that need to have been a Made for TV movie, "Not Without My Daughter" starring Sally (You prefer me, you really really like me) Field.-Cartguy was wearing his hat underneath his "afro" wig.-When Kitty meows at Cartman, Cartguy says, "No, Kitty, this is MY corned beef cabbage", but in the next swarm just a drumstick and some greens have the right to be viewed on his plate.-When Cartmale and his mother are eating dinner, there was ham, turcrucial, potatoes and drumsticks on the table. The weird point is that Cartmale had some kinda green vegetable on his plate, but tright here was no plate on the table holding the veggies.-During the drunken barn dance, a duck falls from the ceiling.-When the go-cart lastly starts, Kenny is initially pulled into four sepeprice pieces and also then goes back into one item.-Chef"s residence has a tiger-skin rug, a lava lamp and also incense sticks w/holders.-When the Denver Broncos show up at the drunken barn dance, among them mutters, "Whan the hell tvery own is this?".-When Cartman is having his tea party, he calls the tea "Earl Grey." Due to the fact that Trey and also Matt didn"t mind borrowing from Star Trek in the "Damien" episode, this could be another Trek referral. Captain Jean-Luc Picard"s favorite drink is Earl Grey tea.-The names of the dolls Cartman talkes to, by unstable estamate, are to the right of Cartmale "Polly Prissy Pants", on the much appropriate of Cartguy is "Clide Frog", on the left of Cartman is "Pitter Panda", and on the far left of Cartman is "Wumpertum Skin".-The words to the parody song (based on Celine Dion"s "My Heart Will Go On") are: "Tbelow you are, Like a throbbing star.I desire, you to make, Love to me."-The sushi bar is gone.-Obviously, the Broncos were named within seconds of each various other as the 1989 and the 1991 Denver Broncos. It might be exciting to note that neither of those years were Super Bowl or AFC Championship years for Denver (1989--Cincinnati loses to San Francisco, 1991--Buffalo loses to Washington). The one thing that a lot of folks can miss out on was the unidevelops themselves. They confirmed the Broncos in orange jerseys and blue pants. The Broncs wear *white* pants via their oselection home jerseys (and via their road whites, too). They also present the unicreate numbers as being rounded, not block-style. The Broncos had block-style numbers on their unicreates until 1997, as soon as they adjusted to their existing (god-awful) unicreate of blue jersey through rounded numbers and orange armpit-swooshes.-This whole episode contradicts Cartguy. In the Pig and also Elephant Episode Cartguy shelp "why do not you soptimal dressing me up as a mailmale, smoking cigarettes crack....and also resting with someone I don"t even understand on my DAD"s bed." I believed that his father didn"t live with him given that he doesn"t know who he is.-The audience in America"s Stupidest Videos has 34 human being.-Tbelow are 6 Native Americans in the reservation.-By a rough estamate chef has actually been in South Park 9yrs. and 291 days on Feb 25. figuring Cartmale is choose any type of various other boy and turned 9 on Damien. Here"s the math. Chef shelp he"d just came and also Mrs. Cartman said she obtained pregnant that day so 9 months later (9X30=270) she has actually the baby provide or take a few days. Then on Damien he turns 9 (270 days+9yrs.=9yrs. 270 days). Damien was aired Feb. 4 and Cartman"s Mom is a Slut was aired Feb.25 (25-4=21 9yrs. 270 days+21 days=9yrs. 291 days).

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Tbelow is one trouble though. Cartmans mother says it was an Autumn night once May is 9 months before Febuary and Mays not in Autumn.