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There's somepoint I desire to tell youThere's something I think that you need to knowVivid descriptions of showing off what's covert in my mindAnd I simply think I can lose it at any kind of given timeThis that form of job-related you going crazy over if you let itTake over, ruin, mix and mash up, don't foracquire itI been via the great times and also also through the badAnd I'm so glad I went with both so I might measure what I hadAll the moment spent, friends lost and those gainedI love the complicated way of life, I never also decided plainDamn, and you simply tell me just how the hoes cameI done heard some various stories, currently it appears we both blamedBut I feel the many shamed, handling these situationsThat are being handed to me leading to all these complicationsI simply seem to cross the sections up until they make some sense to meI'm living such an enigma, however It don't gain to meDealing with my history I struggle through my pastAnd I constantly tfinish to ask myself just how could this ever lastAnd I just wonderIs there somepoint that I'm missing nowMaybe it's not and I'm just lacking outDont wanna waste the moment that I gotSo I'm just never gonna stop
There's somepoint I want to tell youThere's something I want to tell youReliving memories, I swear this can't be realBut the vivid emotions that's blended up in it make it feelLike what's dormant is unsealed, I swear this is unrealBut the life I'm living currently I think it's bound to obtain some killedBy that, I really think I'm meaning meBy losing me I find it possible that I might lose the beatAnd shed my feet cause I'm just tripping on themGiving up and also slipping on them, pulling something various on themThen I receive a vision from themAll the ones that made it, I'm talking about the greatestTell me store up with my latestCause once push concerned shoving and the time comes, I'll make itAnd no I will certainly not fake it, most cannot relate thisSo rather they hate this, this what I createdWith some paper pen and also passionPeople gained they dreams but never put it all in actionSo while they life is based on flashingI'll be the just nigga to be wbelow I imaginedAnd once they ask me how it happenedI'mma tell emI stick to me and also I neglect the liesI watch the fact and anger in they eyesAnd nopoint is the very same, cause they bluff but it's a gameAnd I'm simply tryna reach the fame

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There's somepoint I desire to tell youThere's somepoint I desire to tell youYeahYou know, everybody out thereThey always tell me to, remain true to meAnd you know I can't store anything from yallI host so much inside, you know?Sometimes I gotta let it all outI hope that you males deserve to...Bare through me