Esau did something stupid. Now, everybody in below has actually made a dumb choice around something or someone or some moment, and you live with the aftermath of that decision nine months later or 3 months later on or 3 years later on. We all live via the consequences of our own stupidity. What is disturbing to me about the message is not the stupidity via which Esau made the decision, however it is fairly that once Esau gained prepared to change it the Bible sassist he sought through repentance, via many kind of tears, and discovered it not and shed his future. Not just bereason he did somepoint stupid, however bereason he was unable to change what he had actually collection in motion over his life.

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It is that that I wanna address now. It is not the mediocre ideology of doing somepoint stupid, because that is prevalent to all of us, however it is the crisis of being captured in a mechanism of stupidity via which you cannot escape. Though you seek it with many tears, you feel trapped to repeat the exact same mistake over and also over and also over aacquire, and also you don"t recognize how to get out. The difference between us is not that we haven"t done something stupid. We"ve all admitted, but some of us obtain stuck on stupid, and we keep going after the exact same kinda person or the same...We keep living beyond our implies. We save falling prey to the same mistake and also in spite of our desire to readjust it — this is the frustration of life: to desire to readjust. It is not frustrating to be happy to be dvery own under, however to desire to adjust and not be able to do it. That Scripture always bothered me. That he sought repentance with many tears and also found it not and also shed his inheritance, and he is scarcely pointed out at all, though he was destined to be in the lineage of greatness. He forfeited his biggest moment over a bowl of soup and an inability to correct a pattern, a pathology of dyspractical decisions.That"s what this text is all about and only a novice would take it almost everywhere else. It is there that I wanna focus my attention, because the fact of the issue is every one of us understand civilization who are stuck, stuck in a pattern. You can go back through your totality life and also watch Dumb, Dumb Jr., Dumb III, Dumb IV, Dumb the Dumdum, yeah. And the actual funny one is the civilization who have been married favor four or 5 times, and also they keep marrying the same person via a different name. It"s really funny. Didn"t you learn through the first serial killer you married? Why would certainly you go and be attracted to one more serial killer? You believed you were gonna change him, too? Dumb Jr. and...What I wanted to focus on is Esau sought repentance. Words "repentance," metanoia in the Greek. Words "repentance," metanoia, indicates to readjust your mind, so he sought a adjust of mind with many tears and also discovered it not. He sought a adjust of intelligence through many eactivities and also discovered it not. He sought repentance through many type of tears and discovered it not, so an emotional response does not equate to change. Have you ever before watched human being...Now, I admit it, I have actually been dumb around this, too, bereason I"m a sucker for some tears, "cause mostly speaking I don"t cry. Only in instances of extremes, and so I"m impressed when people cry and assuming that they are like me, at the allude, like, if I cry and tell you I love you, I mean, it"s poor. I expect, you understand, I"m drawing your name on the refrigerator and stuff. I mean, it is just sick and if I get mad and also begin crying you better acquire.... whoo!See, I can"t rotate red, however if I go to crying and also them tears start running, they don"t come out the front. They come out the side. They run dvery own the side, north and south. They simply be running, and also my eyes will certainly be batting once my nose obtain wide prefer a rhinoceros and also my lip goes to quivering, yet I am amazed at the world wright here tears are no indication of any type of inner readjust at all. They deserve to cry and also be lying. Does that amaze anybody various other than me? They deserve to, I mean, simply be lying with their teeth. "I wasn"t tright here. I do not know why you would certainly even think that I would do somepoint choose that".You understand you"re the only one... Esau sought a readjust of mind with many type of tears and also discovered it not. Metanoia method a readjust of mind by pivoting direction. A readjust of mind that is so solid that you pivot direction. It is not a fanciful ideological background. It is not a mere notion of possibility. It is the too much adjust of mind that becomes so radical that it affects behavior. You will certainly not need to carry out this often. You will not need to carry out this frequently. This is not the daily stuff you carry out, "Father, if I"ve done anypoint forprovide me". No, no, no, these are those substantial directional alters wright here you say, "I"m going in the wrong means, and I"m gonna need to flip the entirety point approximately, or I"m gonna shed my future over a bowl of soup".Can I go deeper with this? About a month ago, the Lord gave me an illustration. I thought I was gonna put it in one more message and didn"t usage it, and I conserved the illustration. I assumed the illustration was really great for what he was talking about, and also I wasn"t released to usage it until currently. And perhaps this will certainly help you check out what I"m saying. You see, if you go on a computer, they have on a computer system what they contact default settings, so whether you"re in Microsoft or whatever before it is, whatever regimen it is or any kind of kinda routine, it has actually a default. The default sets in the computer some ethics and ideregarding which the computer system is committed. It does not suppose that you can"t feature exterior of the default. It simply implies that also if you deviate from the default the computer system will certainly automatically take you ago to default settings and also if you do not want it to execute that it"s even more than changing the font.You have to change the default, so form for me. Where you at? Type. We"re gonna present you something. "Tbelow is nopoint as effective as a adjusted mind," okay? Now, put it in the other method. Okay, "There is nothing as effective as a adjusted mind". All we did was change the font. We changed the font and also while we"re inputting, whatever we type in, this font will show up in this font, and it will certainly show up that it has readjusted. But it really has actually not adjusted, because the minute you go out and come back in again it will come earlier up earlier to default.This is just how many human being live their lives. Due to the fact that their default hasn"t readjusted, their situation hasn"t adjusted, so as soon as they"re in church, adjust. When they"re in church they deserve to get this going. When they"re roughly particular world they can get this going. When you sing specific songs they deserve to get that going. When you shout and also leap you have the right to gain that going, but as soon as you go ago house, you go earlier to default, so you"re going earlier to default over and also over again. And as soon as you acquire around particular world you adjust, and also you wanna hang around them bereason as lengthy as you"re around them you feel peace, or you feel nice, or you feel worn down, or you feel spiroutine, or you feel holy.That"s not the trouble. The difficulty is once you go back to yourself you are stuck in the very same pattern that you were prior to, and also you can not number out exactly how to break it. You"ve cried about it, yet you"re still going back. You"ve shouted about it, however you"re still going back. You"ve also prayed around it, yet you store going earlier, and also you can not number out exactly how somebody that cried for it and shouted for it and also sang about it and also began going to church on Sunday and, "Why does this still store happening to me"? I don"t know whose prayer I"m breaking into, yet I"m breaking right into somebody"s prayer saying, "Lord, why do I keep going with the exact same points over and over again? I go to church currently. I tithe currently. I shout now. I leap now". And the Lord sent out me here to tell ya it"s no problem with your sentence.The difficulty is via your default. Until you readjust your default, you will certainly constantly go back to being who you were prior to, because you have actually never changed your mind. You change your friends, you change your resolve, you adjust your phone number, you readjust the songs you sing, you readjust every little thing else, yet you didn"t adjust your mind. There is nothing as effective as a adjusted mind. A readjusted mind. Oh, a adjusted mind. Whether you execute it in 12 steps or 1 step, a changed mind. Oh, God, y"all don"t hear what I"m saying. A readjusted mind.There are some civilization in here appropriate now that offered to perform drugs, all kinds of drugs, crazy drugs, strung out on drugs. People wouldn"t think that you supplied to be. Your old friends never before assumed you would certainly ever before obtain away, however sooner or later you gained sick and tired of being sick and also tired, and also you said, "Wait a minute. I"m not simply gonna readjust my clothes. I"m not just gonna adjust my attend to. I readjust my mind. I completely change". Yeah, there are some woguys in this church best now you used to be easy. All they had actually to execute was tell you, you were cute. You were simple.One day, McDaddy rolled up on you and also sassist, "Baby, I ain"t never seen nothing so fine". Say, "Wait, wait, wait. I readjust my mind". Let me tell you somepoint. If you change your mind, I do not treatment what comes up versus you. I do not treatment that you"re fighting. I do not care how significant they are. I do not treatment how tough they are. Tbelow is nothing as powerful as a adjusted... whoo! I"m gonna preach in below in a minute. I feel the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Touch somebody and also tell "em, "I changed my mind". Nothing is effective as a changed mind. Nopoint as effective as a readjusted mind. Nopoint as effective as a readjusted mind. Nopoint as effective as a changed mind. Nothing as effective as a readjusted mind.Donna, come up right here for a moment. Come up below for a minute. Sit down. I"m gonna present you something. I"m gonna display you something. Let me ask you a question. This is an individual question, however around just how much perform you weigh?Donna: A hundred and twelve.Bishop Jakes: About 112 pounds She weighs about 112 pounds. Ah, let me view. I"m simply a tiny shy, simply around 30 pounds or so shy of being three times bigger than you. You"re gonna execute what I say. You stand also where I tell you to stand. You wear what I tell you to wear. You gain up as soon as I tell you to acquire up. You sit dvery own once I tell you to sit down. All of that sounds great. She gained every factor to obey me. I"m bigger than you. I gained the money. I got the sources. I gained the name. You don"t know that you"re fooling via. Womale, I"ll slap you so hard, I"ll slap you all the means ago into your seat. I can do it. A hundred and also twelve pounds. I might lift you for exercise. I work-related out with more weights than you. You don"t stand also a opportunity versus me.All of that sounds excellent, until she alters her... you do not hear what I"m saying to you. You do not hear. You don"t hear the words that are coming out of my mouth. The adversary can not carry out just anypoint to you. People can"t do just anything to you. Life can not perform just anything to you. I don"t treatment just how little bit you are. Tbelow is nopoint as powerful as a changed... slap somebody and tell "em, "I readjusted my mind. I acquired sick of it. I don"t prefer it. I do not desire it. I do not need it. I changed my mind. I changed my default setting". I"m not gonna autumn ago into the same kind print I was prior to I readjusted. Glory, glory, glory, glory.Touch your neighbor and also tell "em, "I feel a breakvia in below this morning. I"m getting ready to readjust some defaults. I"m getting prepared to change some defaults. I"m getting all set to adjust some defaults". How many type of civilization are gonna some default settings? I"m gonna speak falling earlier right into the very same point over and over aobtain. I"m not simply gonna change it when I"m in church. I"m gonna go earlier in the computer and adjust the settings so that I have the right to have actually a brand-new normal, a brand-new...That"s what repentance is, a new normal, a brand-new default setting. I"m around to have actually a new normal. Glory. I"m gonna stop falling ago into the same old pattern, very same old default establishing. Whole household been in the same old default setting. I"m obtaining prepared to readjust my default settings. Just "cause I acquired the last name doesn"t mean I"m gonna have the very same setting. I"m acquiring prepared to readjust my default establishing. If I need to stand by myself, if mama does not go, if daddy doesn"t go, if sister doesn"t go, if brvarious other doesn"t go, I"m obtaining all set to change my default.There is nothing as effective. The only means off of welfare is to change your default settings. The only way to gain an excellent education and learning is to change your default settings. As long as you"re programmed via what you can"t perform and what you can"t be and what you can"t have, you will certainly never before obtain up. But I dare you to go into your phone booth choose Clark Kent and also spin roughly and come out Superguy and say, "Wait a minute. I"m better than this. I"m obtaining ready to change my default establishing. I will certainly not die a crack head. I will not let you abuse me. I will certainly not stay. Tright here is nothing as powerful. Whoo! My God, I feel glory in this area.

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Why it does not occupational for Esau is that he sought a readjusted mind through emovements, so he provides most emovement. Let me tell you something that"s better than eactivities, much better than strong emotions, better than solid emovements, is a decision. I dare you to make a decision. The decision might not also have any emovements in it at all. The prodigal child remained in the hog pen surrounded by the swine, about to eat that that the pigs ate and every one of a sudden the Holy bible shelp he pertained to himself. He didn"t readjust his garments. He didn"t adjust anything else. All he did was change his mind.The pigs couldn"t hold him. The pen couldn"t organize him. The disgrace couldn"t organize him. The embarrassment couldn"t organize him. I dare you to readjust your... everybody who understands what I"m talking around, touch everybody you can reach and also say, "I readjust my mind. I adjust my mind. I adjust my mind". Hit that last one and tell "em, "It"s my prerogative. It"s my prerogative. I don"t treatment if you don"t choose it. I do not care if you don"t understand also it. It is my prerogative to readjust my mind".Now, I"m gonna present you something, then I"ll be done. Once you change the default settings and you have a brand-new normal, tright here may be moments, rare occasions, that you find yourself keying in your old font. And if you find yourself inputting in your old font, the evil one will certainly come along and say you haven"t been adjusted, but I"m gonna assist you out in below. This is just how you recognize you"ve been readjusted. It"s not that you could not mess up and carry out what you used to perform. It"s simply that it"s no much longer your normal and also as soon as it"s no much longer your normal you will certainly never go back to it favor it supplied to have you, "cause the minute you get out of the instance you adjust ago right into who you"re expected to be.Y"all do not hear what I"m saying to you. Both the pig and the lamb deserve to autumn right into the same mud, yet the difference is in the default. The pig is defaulted to favor the mud. The sheep has actually a default that says, "I don"t belengthy in this mess. I might be in this mess, but I don"t belong". Holler, "I may be in it, but I do not belengthy right here. I gotta gain outta here". The sheep will certainly cry and also scream and yell and fight bereason it no longer belongs in the mud, so here we are.Here we are spiritual beings having actually an earthly suffer and also as soon as you adjust your default settings life might make you problem at some time, yet if it"s not your default establishing faith will increase up and drive your problem ago and also say, "Wait a minute. But God is able to execute exceedingly abundantly over all that ye may ask or think". Faith will certainly stand also up and say, "Don"t you understand the Lord didn"t lug you this much to leave you"? Faith will stand also up and also say, "Wait a minute, girl. You"re much better than this". Faith will stand also up and say, "Man, do not you understand God lugged you with as well a lot for you to offer up below and also die". It"s not that we do not get depressed. It"s not that we do not obtain discouraged. It"s not that we don"t loss into sin. We may loss in it, but we can"t wallow in it.