No Time Like the Present out Meaning

Definition: It is much better to do something now quite than later on.

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This expression often shows up through the word there’s in front of it, as in there’s no time prefer the present.

Origin of No Time Like the Present

This idiom is a proverb that was first created in the year 1562. The concept behind it is that if you wait too long to do somepoint, you might never gain to execute it. Something may come up that prevents you from doing or saying what you wish you had actually sassist.

Usually, world use this expression to encourage someone to carry out somepoint that they have actually been putting off because they are nervous around doing it.

A equivalent expression that world say is currently or never.

Examples of No Time Like the Present

Here is an example that entails 2 college students that are at a party.

Robin: There’s Judy. She’s so beautiful.

Harry: Did you ask her out yet?

Robin: No, I’m worried that she can revolve me down.

Harry: So what? If she turns you dvery own, you’re no worse off than you are now. And if you wait as well long, she’ll begin dating someone else.

Robin: You’re best. When have to I technique her?

Harry: There’s no time choose the present! Go talk to her now!

In this dialogue, 2 co-employees are at work-related and are complaining around some worries.

Mal: This problem simply keeps gaining worse and worse. Someone demands to talk to our boss about this.

Xiomara: I know. I think you’re the best candidate to perform that. He likes you the most.

Mal: I guess you’re right, however I wish I didn’t need to be the one to perform it. The boss really intimidays me. I must talk to him tomorrow.

Xiomara: You recognize he doesn’t come right into the office tomorrow. Besides, there’s no time prefer the existing.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an short article around a skilled hoccrucial team.

This excerpt is about a timeless film.

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The saying no time favor the present indicates now is the best time to act, not the future.


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