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I mainly favor Edge of the Empire, however there's one area wbelow I'm extremely unhappy via it. (Well, 2 actually, but the various other one drops under the heading of "nitpicking establishing accuracy").This is gonna be lengthy, so I'm putting the remainder of it below the fold.I'm referring to the chapter on the Force.It's not the game mechanics I disprefer. Although I haven't tried them in play yet, they look great so far. No, what pisses me off is exactly how the book explains the Force. Right at the start of the chapter, second paragraph:"At its a lot of fundamental level, the Force is balance. Within it is both joy and also sorrow, rage and love, fear and hope, and also light and darkness. People sheight of a "light side" and a "dark side" to the Force <...> However, these aspects are not in dispute via each various other. Rather, they all develop facets of a unifying whole."
Consider the following scenario: 2 schoolyoungsters are provided a cake to share. One claims, "We have to split it in fifty percent." The other claims, "No, I desire it all." A teacher overhears and states, "Fair's fair, you need to split it one-quarter and 3 quarters."This is the Golden Typical Fallacy, and also it's a mistake that our postmodern-day Western society is especially susceptible to. We're accustomed to reasoning that the truth is usually found in the middle, between two positions. And occasionally that's true. But not always. Sometimes one side is just plain best, and the various other is simply ordinary wrong.(Back during the 2000 election Paul Krugguy famously quipped that if George Bush shelp the Planet was flat, and also Al Gore shelp it was round, the newspaper headlines the following day would certainly review "Views Differ on Shape of Planet". The Golden Median Fallacy has thoabout poisoned political discourse in this country, and also I have a certain loathing for it as an outcome. Which can be why I'm spending my evening creating a rant about a fictional magic system in a latter-day fairy tale, rather of reciting the MST3K Mantra and also going off to do something fertile.)This misconception that the light side and also dark side are just two sides, equal and also opposite―as if they were rival footround teams or Red vs. Blue―has been roughly for a long time. But it really gained off the ground after Episode I aired, as a result of the hovital "chosen one" plotline, particularly the expression "carry balance to the Force". A lot of human being assumed―wrongly―that this intended a balance in between the Jedi and also the Sith, between the light side and dark side. They suggest to the reality that at the finish of the prequels, there are specifically two Jedi and two Sith left.But George Lucas has clearly refuted this interpretation. Balance in the Force does not suppose balance in between the light side and dark side; the dark side IS the imbalance. "Bringing balance to the Force" indicates eliminating the dark side. In the development to the VHS version of Episode IV's Special Edition, he said, "<...> Which brings us as much as the films 4, 5, and also 6, in which Anakin's offspring redeem him and allow him to satisfy the prophecy wbelow he brings balance to the Force by doing away via the Sith and obtaining rid of evil in the world..."Later, in The Mythology of Star Wars with George Lucas and Bill Moyers, he compared the distinction to a symbiotic connection and also a cancer. "A symbiotic relationship is one which benefits both parties and in which neither is harmed, whereas a cancer takes without providing back, inevitably bring about the death of both parties."(Interestingly, the French dub of Episode I analyzed "Bringing balance to the Force" as restaurer l'harmonie dans la Force, which sounds more favor "to gain back the harmony to the Force". Which does a better project of portraying what Lucas intended.)Take a moment to notification something: at no suggest, all over in any kind of of the six films, does anyone ever before usage the expression "light side". That's not an accident. Tright here IS no light side. Tright here is just the Force. The dark side isn't a side. It's an aberration, a disharmony, a corruption. An imbalance.As an aside (heh), this means Lucas himself is partly responsible for the misconception, by his alternative of terminology. Words "side" sorta means that there's an additional opposite side. But we shouldn't get hung up on semantics, specifically once the creator himself has actually flat-out said, "No, that's not what I supposed." Especially as soon as he's not the world's ideal wordsmith in the first area. (Sure, he's good on big-photo storytelling and vision stuff and he's an excellent editor, however there's a reason why all the best dialogue in The Empire Strikes Back is ad-libbed. Also? Sand also.)Now, we could be all "Death of the Author" and also say Lucas' very own intentions don't matter. And technically's that's true―as a general preeminence we shouldn't have to be bound by a creator's intentions. Death of the Author has actually its offers periodically. But simply because we deserve to doesn't suppose we have to. We don't gain anypoint worthwhile by discarding Lucas' authorial intent and also going through the Golden Median Fallacy variation of the Force instead.The dark side isn't a rival footround team. It's not a contending viewallude through equal validity. It's hatred and also rage and scabrous deals with and also nihilistic damage.

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It's blowing up planets and also murdering youngsters.Sometimes "deconstruction" is really simply pointmuch less navel-gazing. And occasionally poor men really are bad guys.