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Roumanatou Mahamadou (25) is a refugee from Sokoto state in Nigeria, who has lived in the Garin Kaka refugee settlement for the past year. She has been receiving therapy for the previous 36 months due to an infected wound in one of her legs. Unfortunately, her sad story, does not end with her poor health condition.Back in Nigeria, as soon as her health and wellness condition deteriorated because of the infected wound, her husband left her to marry one more womale in his village. Soon after her divorce, Roumanatou’s two bit youngsters passed ameans - five years ago -, bereason she did not have actually the suggests to look after them. Before her illness, she provided to pound millet and also offer it to look after the youngsters.

Due to her discapability, Ramanatou requires support to relocate approximately and also use the bathroom

Dr. Ousseini from the health centre at the Garin Kaka refugee settlement sees Roumanatou four times a week to readjust her bandages. He optimistic that she will have the ability to walk again if she looks after her wound extremely well.Based on several clinical exams done by Dr. Ousseini, the infection did not damage Roumanatou’s veins in her legs. As such, if she respects therapy and also keeps the wound clean, she should have the ability to recoup conveniently. Currently, Roumanatou is no longer taking antibiotics or painkillers; this shows that her health as improved.

Ramanatou"s struggles via loss and desertion were compounded by her disability. Thanktotally, tbelow is light at the finish of the tunnel.


Due to conflict and also displacement of refugee households fleeing inprotection in Nigeria, numerous family members and children are facing the heavy loss of separation and also mourning for their loved ones. Little Rabilatou, a nine-year-old gentle heart living in Garin Kaka refugee settlement for the previous year, is among kids trying to prosper up with the scars from the dispute.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), last month alone, Maradi area got 23,000 refugees coming from Nigeria. Unfortunately, the number of civilization leaving Nigeria is still increasing. Sa'a and also her family are component of those world after going through an overwhelming time and also enduring the incessant assaults in Kwakara, where they comes from.

In early on October 2019, Komadougou river in Diffan area (Niger) broke its financial institutions, forcing over 23,000 human being to flee their villperiods. 50-year-old Chief Boulama lost his possessions, including his home, food, apparel, and farmland also. He recalls as soon as World Vision’s Niger Emergency Response WASH (water, sanitation and also hygiene) programme responded to the speak to to rescue him and also his people on the new website.

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