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Halo is a first-perkid shooter video game franchise focused about a galactic battle between humans and an alien alliance recognized as the Agreement. The player frequently assumes the role a super soldier who is accompanied by an synthetic knowledge (AI) that assists him in defending the galaxy from destruction. The games have actually largely been considered a crucial and commercial success and also one of the Xbox"s most effective franchises.


Halo: Combat Evolved<1> was released by Bungie Inc. on November 15th, 2001, presenting the protagonist Master Chief<2> that attempts to find the tricks of the ring-shaped fabricated civilization "Halo." On November ninth, 2004, the sequel Halo 2<4> was released, in which the player assumes the duty of both Master Chief and an alien recognized as the Arbiter. On September 25th, 2007, Halo 3<5> was released, presenting new vehicles, weapons and a map-editing and enhancing tool. On February 26th, 2009, the spin-off real-time strategy game Halo Wars was released, which was collection 21 years prior to the occasions in the original Halo game. The game Halo 3: ODST was released on September 2second, 2009, allowing players to command a squad of soldiers well-known as "Orbital Drop Shock Troopers." The prequel game Halo: Reach was released on September 14th, 2010, featuring an elite squad of soldiers known as the Noble Team. At E3 2011, Halo 4 and Halo CE: Anniversary<8>, an HD remake of the original title, were announced. On the March 31st, 2012, Bungie officially handed the Halo franchise over to 343 Industries, which developed Halo CE: Anniversary and the upcoming "Reclaimer Trilogy." Bungie has announced their next title Destiny<21> which has been shelp to be comparable to Halo. At E3 2013 343 announced their (then untitled) following enattempt in the Halo series. Later in May 2014 in a blog post<22>, 343"s Bonnie Ross revealed that the brand-new Halo would have the title Halo 5: Guardians<23>. Alengthy with this Halo: The Master Chief Collection<24> was announced, which includes Halo CE Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4, every one of which are upscabrought about run at 1080p and also 60fps on the Xbox One.<25>