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1-Page Summary of The Woman In The Dunes

Overall Summary

The Woman in the Dunes (Suna no Onna) is a novel composed by Kōbō Abe. It’s about a schoolteacher that gets trapped in sand also and also has to dig for his survival. The book won the Yomiuri Prize for Literature, was analyzed into English, and adapted right into a film that won an award at Cannes Film Festival.

A schoolteacher called Niki Junpei is unhappy through his life. He desires to uncover a brand-new type of beetle in the dunes, which he really hopes will offer his life more function and worth. On the means to the sea, he passes through a village wbelow civilization are negative and struggling. In one component of the village, there are deep holes that look favor they were dug by hand also.

An old man concerns Junpei and also asks who he is. After hearing the answer, he supplies him a place to sleep for the night in among the holes. Junpei goes dvery own the rope ladder wright here an attrenergetic woguy around his age greets him. She cooks dinner for him and also then starts shoveling sand also into cans via help from an additional perkid at the top of the hole. However, once Junpei realizes that she will certainly be doing this all night, he provides up and goes to bed rather.

When he wakes up, the rope ladder has been rerelocated and it’s impossible to climb out of the hole. The walls are as well smooth for him to obtain a grip on them. He reras at this predicament till he becomes dehydrated, drops dvery own, harms himself and passes out.

A guy is caught by a team of villagers, that desire to kill him. When he recovers from his injuries, he takes a woguy hophase and threa10s to kill her if the villagers don’t let him go. However before, they ignore this danger and reduced off their water supply in retaliation. The man then provides a rope out of vines so that he have the right to escape from the hole where he was being organized captive, but becomes disoriented as soon as wandering in the desert as a result of dehydration. He collapses right into an additional hole close to the village and also is discovered by some various other men who rerotate him to his original captors.


Junpei joins the woman in digging and also they have sex. He shows on his previous relationships, which were not as excellent as this one. In some means, he prefers this desperate partnership to them. He builds a trap for crows with the hope that it will certainly capture an SOS message on its foot so that someone can conserve them from their case. They both job-related difficult at making beads in order to buy a radio so they don’t shed call with the external civilization.

Junpei is delighted when a trap he put up to catch crows doesn’t capture any kind of, but instead collects water. He documents his daily water arsenal and also plans to store enough for one more digging stopweb page.

The villagers sell him managed walks external the hole if he will certainly let them watch him have sex through the woman. He agrees, however she tells him that they market sand to builders also though it is too salty for building.

The woman becomes pregnant, and the villagers try to take her to a hospital. Unfortunately, they leave the rope ladder in place, which Junpei uses to climb out of the hole. However, he realizes that his water-arsenal task is too essential for him to simply abandon it. He climbs ago dvery own right into the hole aobtain so he deserve to continue working on it while waiting for the woman’s rerevolve.

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The Woman in the Dunes explores themes of aliecountry and also nihilism. The finest known of Abe’s novels, it is the basis for his reputation as among Japan’s the majority of significant twentieth-century writers.